Monday, March 23, 2015

Indian handloom products export to Australia

India is a country which is full of arts and very good skilled artist. Along with the artistry of weavers in the field of handloom and handicraft, the Indian handloom industry demonstrates the richness and diversity of Indian culture and traditions. This handloom and handicraft manufacturing sector provides employs to 4.3 million people of rural India, this is the second-largest employment providing sector for the rural population in India after agriculture. This sector accounts for around 15 per cent of the total cloth produced in the country (excluding wool, silk and yarn) and here the largest infrastructure with 2.3 million weaving looms. The total handloom cloth production in India reached 6.9 billion sq m in 2012–13, up from 6.6 billion sq m in 2008–09. This country India supplies 95 per cent of world demand for hand woven fabric. Indian fabric is exported to all over the world. The countries like US, the UK, Germany, Australia and Italy are the major importers of Indian handloom products. And France, Belgium, UAE, Netherlands and Canada are some of the other export destinations for Indian handloom products. These counties demand for Indian handloom and handicraft products are very much high. The US accounts for around 45 per cent of total exports of Indian handloom products.

Indian Handloom Sarees Export to Australia
The Handloom Export Promotion Council:

The Handloom Export Promotion Council (HEPC) is a council constituted under the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India to promote the export of all handloom products like fabrics, home furnishings, carpets and floor coverings, etc to all over the world. HEPC was constituted in the year of 1965 with 65 members and now in current scenario its present membership is around 2000 spread all over the country.

                      Because of these demand in all counties Indian handloom and handicraft products are exported to many countries in all over the world. Australia is also a country where the demand of these Indian handloom and handicraft products are increasing day by day. Australian people like these products very much and always try to purchase these products. So as per the demand Indian handloom and handicraft products are exported to Australia. And these demand increasing day by day.

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