Saturday, March 14, 2015

Importance of Internet in current generation

Some years ago peoples have some basic needs like “food”, “Cloth” and “Shelter” upon which they depends for surviving their life. But now in this age there is another need added with these things that is “Internet” now in this generation people don’t imagine their life without internet. People are very much   addicted with this service and for most of their work thy using this. So we say that internet is very important for peoples of current generation.

              It is very interesting that a technique developed in 1960s by  US Department of Defense awarded, which was initially used for sending secrete messages now used for sending daily updates in social networking sites.

Uses and Importance of Internet 

         Internet also provides many advantages to peoples like internet banking, E-commerce, online shopping, online education, online business, paying bills online etc. people getting benefits from these services like through online shopping they get any kind of products from all over the world in their computer, they don’t need to go to the shop and buy product they buy this on their home by online shopping. This online shopping save their time as well as money. Like online shopping people doing online business and earning a good amount of money. Students getting benefits from internet in their studies, through distance education they study in a good university of an another country, they collect video tutorials, pdf books and other study materials from internet so in the field of education  internet plays an important role. In the field of E-commerce or Electronic commerce also internet helpful. Now people doing their work online which save their time and money so people like this very much and this becomes an important part of their life.   
          Very important feature of internet is it connects people with each other through social networking sites like Gmail, Face book, Twitter, Linked in etc. these sites help people to connect with their friends and families, so popularity of internet increases day by day.

         Now we come to a conclusion that internet is playing very important role in current generation. So there is the big importance of internet in current generation.

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