Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Handloom silk sarees wedding collection online

Wedding is a very important occasion in an individual’s life and wedding rituals available all over the world in different manners. In India this function have very important. So, Indian people like to wear very good and fashionable clothes in these types of special occasions. Handloom sarees especially handloom silk saress are very much liked by all ladies in India.  There mainly are four major types of silk of commercial importance, obtained from different species of silkworms which in turn feed on a number of food plants. These are: Mulberr, Tasar, Muga, Eri. These are major four types of silk through which many types of beautiful silk sarees are produced. These handloom silks are the traditional handloom fabrics made from mulberry silk and Tussar silk through the fine use of ikat and supplementary thread work by very skilled workers of India. 

Ikat Silk sarees of Odisha
There are many states in India where these types of work are handled. The exclusive Bomkai Saris are produced by the ikat style of tie-dye, where the threads are dyed with contrasting colors before they are woven with a special ‘extra weft’ technique and then these best quality silk sarees are produced. This traditional art uses vegetable dyes to a large extent for adding color to silk sarees. Some major colors like Black, yellow, orange, maroon, are very much liked by Indian women. Attractive patterns of these silk sarees commonly adorning the fabric are bitter gourd, the atasi flower design, the kanti-phul design or small flower design, peacocks and birds design, Konark temple design, conches. The use of bright colored panels with extra motifs on a contrasting color background is a unique and attractive feature of these Indian handloom sarees. Because of these reasons Indian women like these various types of silk sarees to wear in marriage functions.

                  So the demands of silk sarees are increases day by day and the in online market also the demand increases. Many online stores provide handloom silk sarees in online shopping as wedding collection.

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