Monday, November 3, 2014

Rash Yatra 2014 at Santipur

Every year in the month of November Rash Yatra celebrate at Santipur. In this festival number of pilgrims comes to visit Santipur. Santipur is a town and a municipality of Nadia district of West Bengal. Rash Yatra is the famous festival of Santipur. At this time everywhere in Santipur you can see pandals, lights, and sculpture of various Goddess like Radha-Krishna, Kali, Nataraj, Kamal Kamini, Ma Santoshi etc. Rash Yatra in Santipur is a 3 days program. But Rash mela runs a long period of one month.

This year Rash Yatra will start on 6th of November, 2014 and it will closes on 8th of November, 2014. And mela will runs till end of the moth of November.
In Rash Yatra you can see two type of pujas first types of pujas are Goswami homes Radha Krishna puja and other types are committee's puja you can say Badoyari puja. In badoyari puja you can see big pandals, lights and art designed sculpture of Goddess. And in Goswami home's puja you can see antique sculpture of Goddess and the famous Rai-Raja in the final day of Rash Yatra. We all know that Santipur also famous of handloom sarees and other handloom products. The peoples of Santipur always think that Santipur is famous for two things one is Handloom Sarees and the other one is Rash Yatra. 

The Famous Rash Yatra of Santipur

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