Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Patachitra Sarees and Dupattas of Odisha

Patachitra art is very famous in Odisha and as well as all over India. Art designers of Odisha works their beautiful designs in the garments like Sarees, Dupattas etc. and after that this type of garments called Patachitra Sarees, Patachitra Dupattas etc. It's a tough work for the patachitra designers because here they designs on the silk or cotton materials and this materials not very hard. so, at the time of design they need to dry their works part by part. It's also very much time taking job. But, after the finishing products are look very good and it's absolutely eye catching. Now patachitra sarees and patachitra dupatta available also in the online shopping store.

Online Patachitra Dupatta of Odisha

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