Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Test tube baby a new way to be parents now in india for married couple

In india average marriage age for boys and girls shifted from 20's to 30's. Everyone whether men or women want to settle down in life before moving to committed status. 

I do not know what exactly "settled" means but surely each one now at least planning to have a car, a home, few foreign trips and many more.

Due to all these plan they are getting married at very late age and or even planning a child late after marriage, which cause major issue for pregnancy at a late age.

All they do just searching ideas how not to get pregnant which latter a cause of mental stress when they not succeeding to conceive.

As per a internet report there are more than 2 lakh internet searched each month "how to get pregnant" only in india.

But do not worry now science goes well before them and find way to pregnancy through process of "Test Tube Baby" and Sperm Donation. Even a bollywood movie is there for sperm donation named "Vicky Donor"

Thanks to science for this great help, still we will suggest you get married in right age, because point of settled word in infinite. You can not achieve it anytime, it always go far and far when you reach higher levels.

Baby in India

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