Thursday, August 21, 2014

Common Trees of India which scared and fruitful.

In India tradition and culture only not in clothing and food but in nature also. Mostly tree in India is holy shrine where the women's wear new sarees and worship. Different types of trees which worship are big peepal tree, great banyan tree and so many others trees. Bael Tree is the scared tree in India.

Worship the banayan tree
Now also people believes to the nature, in several village area the Vatsavitri puja held under the tree and women's wear the new silk sarees and worship. In India several festival held in the holy shrine tree. 

There are so many trees which people believes too much they are,
- Banyan Tree
- Peepal Tree
- Mango Tree
- Audumbar Tree
- Neem Tree
- Bael Tree
 Visit to Village area and enjoy the natural beauty.

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