Monday, June 30, 2014

Red Color Saree is the Important factor in women dressing.

India is full of tradition and culture, women's loves to wear the cotton sarees in casual wears and traditional silk sarees in several function. Sarees always gives a great smile in every girl's face.
The Bollywood actress  wears the red color saree in a marriage function. she looks so beauty in this saree.
Dia Mirza wears red color saree

 Like this Red color saree is the traditional clothing for all bridal in India. Red is the symbol of auspicious and religious. Red color identify the image of Indian women. In marriage function , birthday party anf casual festivals women loves to wear the red traditional silk sarees because it gives the unique and elegance in the crowdy.

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Traditional Indian Fashion Sarees.

India is always famous for it's unique dresses and style but mainly the traditional silk sarees is the main fashion wear for the Indian women. The most Indian apparel for the women is sarees and salwars kameez. 

Aasha Bhosle wears the traditional silk saree

 Sarees can be worn in different style by the young Indian girls in different regions.The girls wear the saree for fashion and religious believe. For example the traditional khandua silk saree worn by the universe Lord Jagannath on the puri temple. In odisha every bridal loves to wear the sambalpuri silk sarees. The Bollywood singer Aasha Bhosle wears the traditional silk sarees of odisha. She looks simple and gorgeous.

From various regions the people loves to wear the traditional sarees in their wedding, festivals etc. In the modern days you also get the traditional silk saree from several online shopping stores. We have a huge collection of silk sarees with wide range.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Onam, The most popular festival of Kerela.

Onam is the most popular festival of kerela. This is a hindu festival which celebrated in kerela with great enthusiasm. This festival falls on every year between August and September. It is also known as harvest festival in kerela.

People wear new clothes , decorate their houses, and in front of house they decorate with different flowers to welcome King Mahabali. The women's wear the traditional silk saree called kasavhu saree.The gent's wear the kasavhu dhoti in the special fetival.

Women's wear the kasavhu silk saree

 The people of kerela celebrate this festival in great devotion. From ancient periods onam festival symbolize the homecoming of King Mahaballi, that period is known as golden age in kerela. On that time people are too much happy, free from harm and complete prosperity was there. But the golden age ended when Lord Vishnu comes in the Vamana face and pushed King Mahabali deep to the earth. Lord Vishnu satisfied from King Mahabali honesty and behaviour and wish him that every year you come to visit the kingdom.

On that day special puja offered in the temple and the youngers take blessing from their eleder. The elder people gifted them the unique silk sarees and take the sweet       dish with happily. There are so many festivals happen at the time of onam like boat race, carnivals of elephant, music . The famous kathakkali classical dance also perform in the time of onam. 

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Friday, June 27, 2014

10 types of saree for several ocassions.

In India women's love to wear the saree in several functions because saree gives the elegance look to the women in the crowdy place. Women's love to wear in such functions like
1. Saree for day wear
Sarees wear in day should be light in color and cotton fabrics.

2. Saree for Party
Party wear saree should be net or designer sarees

3. Saree for Wedding
For wedding traditional silk saree wear by the bridal.

4. Sarees for Business Meetings
For Business cotton saree, Art silk perfect to wear.

5. Sarees for kids school
For parents meeting prefer to wear chiffon or cotton saree.

Cotton saree perfect for wearing Business Meetings.

 6. Saree for Romantic Dinner
For Romantic Dinner prefer to wear net sarees, silk sarees and designer sarees.

7. Saree for Festivals
In the festivals women prefer to wear traditional silk saree.

8. Saree for kitty Party
For Kitty Party the women's prefer to wear cotton, Art silk, chiffon saree.

9. Saree for puja
For puja prefer to wear cotton saree or traditional silk saree.

10. Saree for Charity Show
For charity show prefer to wear khadi or handloom sarees.
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Kanjeevaram Silk Saree wear by the beauty Actress Rekha.

Kanjeevaram traditional silk sarees are made in a small town of kanchi known as kanchipuram located close to Bangalore. The silk used in kanjeevaram sarees are always known for it's elegance and durability. The silk sarees are worn on wedding and special functions. The Bollywood Actress Rekha wears the royal blue color traditional silk sarees.

Rekha wears the traditional silk saree
 In south India every wardrobe is full of silk saree. The bright colors and motifs make the saree beautiful and elegance. You can buy traditional silk sarees through online shopping. There are so many traditional silk shops available in India.

Embroidered Saree Designs going over handloom work

Younger Generation slowly moving them towards Embroidered Saree Designs available in india. As weavers stopping the trade day by day to earn more wage for them to support their family, i tis really hard to keep handloom sarees move with other fashionable saree designs.

To Keep it both customer and weavers need to work for its betterment. Weavers need to design and weave new looking saris which suits younger girls and woman in india.

Beautiful Girls and women's also need to buy handloom sarees to keep this trade alive which give bread and butter to lakhs of handloom workers all over india.

Let's keep handloom alive for next hundred years.

Deepika in a embredory


In odisha you can visit the beautiful tourist place,temples beaches and handicrafts product. 
  There are some attract places.

Konark Temple

 1. Bhubaneswar
2. Konark sun temple
3. puri
4.Raghurajpur handicrafts village
5. Chilika lake
6. Tribal villages
7. Buddhist site
8. Chandipur beach

Vidya in a summery coton saree.

Vidya Balan is kown for it's traditional handloom sarees and she carry it well. The actress was spotted in beautiful Indian cotton sarees and looks so beautiful. The actress wear a printed orange ,red saree designed by Rahul Mishra. The cotton saree have the combination of red color, orange and yellow purple border.
Vidya wears cotton sarees

 She wears the outfit with heavy jhumkas, earrings and rings in hand. She put's a simple black bindi and looks so glamorous. The beautiful actress always looks stunning in her unique style of  dressing. What is your thought's to look stunning.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cotton sarees and summers.

Cotton sarees looks gorgeous and perfect to wear in the hot and humidity weathers. Different types of cotton sarees available in India. It  looks graceful and elegant. My favorite is Bomkai cotton sarees which can wear in several function and party. The Bomkai saree is world famous.

Bomkai wear by odissi dancer.

 Simple Cotton sarees is one of the such fabrics which can wear in both formal and casual days. Our store provides a wide range of Indian handloom sarees for women. 

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Aishwarya Rai wears the cotton saree.

Aishwarya Rai in white cotton sarees bordered with zari works. She matched the saree with puff designed blouse. The saree have the temple designs in the border which gives the saree a unique look.
she looks so simple and graceful without jeweleries. She looks perfectly an Indian women.

Aishwarya wears the cotton saree
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Chandi Temple of Cuttack

Chandi Temple , The temple of goddess chandi is the presiding deity of the cuttack city. Everyday thousands of devotees come to this temple for praying Maa Chandi. The image of the deity is too older than the temple.

Main Gate of Chandi Temple

On that time the king wants to used the field to graze cattle's and sheep on that land in which the temple is situated. One day the purohit was too tired and take the rest on that place but at the time of rest the purohit feel uncomfort and leaves that place. On the same night chandi maa comes in the dream and requested to the pandit to take out from the mud place. He went to the king;s place and describe the whole story.

King ordered to dig the muddy land and Maa cuttack chandi emerged. On that place the temple is established. On that temple dusshera festival celebrate with a great way. From several places the women comes by wearing beautiful cotton saree and silk saree and mostly wear designer sarees. The girl's wear the cotton salwar and silk sarees. For nine days the festival celebrate in that temple. peoples comes to this place to pray for their well wishes by giving prasad and saree to maa.

On that time the women's buy the sarees online shopping of different design's. Every day the purohit's changed the sarees of maa either it is silk or cotton. People strongly beleives Maa Katak Chandi is the living Goddess of Cuttack.

Discount coupons and online shopping

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Silk Saree for several ocassions.

In India full of festivals are there like Ganesh Chaturthi, Dusshera, Diwali, etc. On this occasions women loves to buy the new traditional silk sarees and cotton sarees. They want's to look beautiful in such types of festivals. The Bollywood actress Mahima Choudry wears the traditional silk sarees which gives him the graceful looks and simple Indian women.

Bollywood actress wears the traditional silk saree

In the busy life internet gives you the scope to buy sarees from several stores through online shopping. You can buy silk sarees and cotton sarees online.

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Price of handloom cotton sarees in India for Online Shopping

Cotton sarees price are different according to quality of thread, designs on it, how much time it take to weave it, whether painted or embroidery etc.

If we think about handloom major thing which affect pricing is design and time taken by weavers/ designers.

In India we can get handloom sarees from 200 rupees to few lakhs of rupees. All depend on below:

  1. Thread Quality
  2. Time taken to design (affected by wage)
  3. Time taken to weave (affected by wage)
As the time passing on, cotton yarn price is also in rise and affecting the thread cost a lot, so if you ask a weaver about his profession, he could not able to answer you properly, who afraids that this rare handloom cotton sarees may lost in this modern world very soon.

Handloom Saree value are directly related to weavers life, you can think these products as gift from them which are unvaluable if we pay them true price.

We should love them and keep promoting this art.

Cotton saree Prices in India

Monday, June 23, 2014

Dia Mirza in saree.

Bollywood Actress Dia Mirza wears the beautiful  designer cotton saree in the off screen. Cotton saree always gives the comfort feel in the summer. Dia Mirza wears the mustard cotton saree with green border. She looks elegant and graceful looks in the saree.

Cotton saree wear by Dia Mirza

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Hanuman Batika Rourkela, Odisha

Rourkela known as steel city and NIT Rourkela. But if you missed hanuman vatika, you missed a lot, so on your next trip don't miss it again.

Hanuman vatika, Rourkela

Celebrity Who look best in sari.

A saree is such a fabrics that every women did not carry off because it takes more time to drape and require a lot of attention. Only few celebrity love to drape the saree in the fashion scene.
1. Vidya Balan
 Vidya balan always dressed in saree on the off screen. She is the great lover of handloom cotton saree and traditional silk saree

2. Shilpa Shetty
In Indian fashion scene no body looks sexy in saree like shilpa shetty did. She loves to wear every fabrics in the fashion screen.

3. Aishwarya Rai
She is the upcoming model in advertisement of garden sarees. No one before her and after comes in the saree brand. She is the great lover of handloom traditional silk saree.

4. Sridevi
Sridevi always carry hershelf in saree. She looks grace and elegance in the traditional silk saree.

5. Hema Malini
The Dream Girl always wear the silk saree in screen and in off screen also. She carry all types of fabrics.

6. Kiron Kher
Kiron Kher is the versatile actress in the Indian social circle for his great collection of sarees. She said i always loves to wear the saree which made by the weavers. Kiron Kher is the great lover of traditional silk saree and cotton saree.

7. Rekha
Rekha is the great lover of handloom kanjeevaram silk saree. In every function she wear the beautiful silk saree.

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Places famous for handicrafts in odisha and India

Handicrafts of odisha slowly dying from main stream of life and most of the artists move themselves to other trades to give food to their family. In history we have special handicraft products from almost each districts and state in India, but one by one diminish with time.

What are you doing to keep this rare art? Most of you may say Nothing, which is true because in this busy world, who would bother about this non valuable things, when life busy with other priorities.

But Yes even in this in this busy world, you can contribute something to this art form, at-least buy buying a small art piece made by them which not only give the bread and butter but interest to work more to keep it alive.

There are some places which are famous in odisha for handicrafts:

  • Pipili
  • Paralakhemundi
  • Cuttack
  • Dhenkanal
We will come up with more indian places from each states. Keep reading.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Five Forms of Famous Indian Classical Dance.

India has a very rich culture in classical dance and sangeet. In India classical, tribal, folk dance are traditional dance form. These traditional dance are originated from ancient periods. There is some list of classical dance in India.

Bharatanatyam : Tamil Nadu
Bharatanatyam is the oldest form of classical dance. It originated from the art of temple in south states of India. The dancer prefer to wear the traditional silk sarees. The dance performed by both male and female.

 Mohiniyattam :  Kerela
It is a different types of classical dance found in kerela states. In these dance form the dancers wear the traditional kasavu silk saree.

 Sattriya : Assam
The sattriya is a classical dance form of assam. The women's wear the traditional silk saree in the dance forms.

 Odissi : Odisha
Odissi is a pure classical dance which originated in odisha. The dance special perform in temples and the dancers wear the traditional khandua silk saree, handloom cotton saree, bomkai saree.

Manipuri : Manipur
It is a major classical dance which originates from the north eastern state manipur. This dance is basically prefer to the rasallila of Radha and Krishana.

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Baripada Rath Yatra for Women

Baripada, Odisha june 29 is the great festival in all over odisha. The 415 year old Rath Yatra in Baripada is the most attracting for the women's festival. Baripada is the second car festival in odisha. Every people knows the Car Festival of Puri is world famous.

Baripada Rath Yatra

 Thousands of men, women, children come from every corner to roll the chariots of Goddess Shubhadra, Lord jagannath, Lord Balabhadra on the grand road. The three chariots was decorated with pure cotton and the beautiful chandua decorated all over ratha.

 From 1975 the women pull the chariots rope and it declared on the International Women's Year. On that day the women wears the new traditional silk saree, cotton saree and the gent's wear the dhoti and towel. The three deities go to his aunt's house for nine days. for these nine days the three deities eat the delicious sweets in aunt's house.

According to history the Lord temple was built in laterite stone by Maharaja Baidyanath Bhanj Deo in 1575. From this year the rath yatra begins.

Several people buys the new tarditional silk saree, cotton saree from nearest shop or through online shopping. On that day the mahaprasad was given to all devotees .

Friday, June 20, 2014

Cotton sarees are the casual wear for Indian women.

Indian casual sarees are worn by every women either in urban or rural area. Casual sarees are those sarees which can be worn for office, market, and some working place. This type of saree worn in every season. These sarees are comfortable and stylish look.

Asin wears the casual cotton saree

The casual sarees are made of pure cotton fabrics which is comfortable to wear in any occasions. Cotton sarees are made of different designs like flower, peacock, and animal motifs. Cotton sarees are also made of printed and handloom.

In the modern days the Bollywood actress loves to wear the cotton sarees in several award functions. The Bollywood actress Asin wears the cotton saree. You can buy the cotton sarees online from several stores

Sakshi Tanwar in Traditional Handloom silk saree.

The beautiful Bollywood actress Sakshi Tanwar wears a beautiful traditional handloom silk saree in a  occasions. The saree have gold zari work all over the saree and with red border. Handloom silk saree always gives the elegant look in the crowdy area. 

Sakshi Tanwar wears handloom silk saree
  In the modern days every women loves to wear the silk saree in several occasions. You can also buy the beautiful traditional handloom silk saree from online shopping. Online silk saree you can get from several online stores.

Ten Products Men and Women want to buy in their life

Men and Women love shopping whether a dress, saree, car, home or gift for someone. From all the things women want some special products which they want to buy if they have enough money.

List of Products and services for Women:
  1. Car
  2. Home
  3. Dresses
  4. Shoes
  5. Watches
  6. Gold Jewellery
  7. Home Decor
  8. Soft Toys
  9. Chocolates
  10. Sport Items

List of Products and services for Men:
  1. Bunglow
  2. Luxury Cars and SUVs
  3. Home Decor
  4. Clothes
  5. Watches
  6. Shoes
  7. Travelling to Hills and Beaches each Year
  8. Gold
  9. Gadgets
  10. Beach House

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Women Quotes which change your life

Quote By Mother Teresa

Old Indian Saree Ad

Advertising and marketing is not a new concept in india, most of the old companies also followed advertisements by hiring model even in past. 

There are few saree ad we want you to look as and how it is different than modern ads.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jewellry Needed by Indian beautiful Women

It is true that beauty is how the person see it, but apart from that to look visibly beautiful all indian women wear traditional sarees and jewelleries in functions and parties.

Jewellery Needed by Indian Women are:

  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Anklets
  • Bracelet
  • Bangles
  • Rings
  • Pndants
  • Maang Tikkas
  • Brooches
  • Waist Belts
  • Toe Rings
  • Baju bandh
  • Magalsutra
  • Nose Pins

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Designer silk sarees.

Handloom silk sarees are always know for it's traditional wear for the Indian wedding. No Indian wedding is complete without the bride wearing an costly and luxurious traditional silk saree. The Bollywood actress loves to wear the pure silk saree in several function.
Prachi Desai wear the pure silk saree
 Silk saree are the most important for the women  at several occasions. Shop the traditional silk sarees online from several online store. You buy the affordable range of traditional silk sarees through online shopping.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Bipasa Basu wears the cotton saree.

Handloom cotton sarees are appears in multiple designs, color and styles. India is a  country where the weather is hot and full of humidity. For this reason cotton sarees are perfect to wear. These sarees are worn in any occasions when draped properly it will give the best look in the crowdy parties.
Cotton sarees gives the good look in thin stature females and heavy stature females.

Cotton saree wear by Bipasa basu
 Wherever in India you find every women wears the cotton saree. The Bollywood Actress Bipasa Basu wears the odisha cotton sarees. She looks so simple and good looking. This type of sarees you get from several online shop. Diffrent types of handloom sarees you get through online shopping.

5 Best Online Store for Baby Shopping.

In India the last 3 years baby online shopping is become so easy that the new mom's buy any products by sitting at home. When the mom's go for buying any baby products outside they definitely forget one thing , but in online store you find every thing in one place.

Here are the best 5 online store in India.
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Friday, June 13, 2014

Kasavu Saree is the traditional wear of kerela.

The traditional wear of kerela known as kasavu which makes the bollywood actress a elegant look. These saree always symbolize the tradition of kerela culture. The saree made of off white in color with golden border. The saree made of natural color and texture, it made in both fabrics like silk and cotton.

Traditional saree wear by bollywood actress
 In these sarees there are different design's like peacock, flower, and some temple design's. The saree can wear in the main festival called Onam. On this day the ladies wear the kasavu sarees and heavy golden jewellery to look beautiful.  The beautiful actress of Aishwarya Rai wears the kasavu saree and looks more beautiful. White always symbolize the peace in mind. Through online shopping you can get this saree to your doorstep.

Odisha handicrafts you love to shop

In Odisha we have full of art and crafts. People outside odisha know odisha by cyclone, Puri, Odissi dance, sambalpuri saree and handicrafts like chandua, dhokra, patachitra.

Lets collect and shares information on handicrafted product list:
  • Dhokra casting
  • Chandua
  • Patachitra
  • Golden Grass Work
  • Lacquer Toys
  • Tassar Painting
  • Papier Mache
  • Palm Leaf Art
  • Stone Arts
  • Applique Arts
  • Wooden Carving
  • Wood Painting
  • Art Textiles
  • Brass and Bell Metal
  • Cane and Bamboo work
  • Horn Work
  • Silver Filigree
  • Terracotta
  • Tribal Jewellery
  • Paddy and Straw crafts
Dhokra of Dhenkanal, Odisha available online

Prachi Desai wears the handloom saree in Lakhme Fashion Week 2013

The Bollywood actress wears the traditional handloom saree designed by Shruti Sancheti. Prachi Desai gives the swadeshi looks. White saree with colorful border and the lotus flower on the end of pallu.

Handloom saree wear by prachi desai

 Now designer's come out to help the weaver;s. Good job done by Shruti Sancheti. This type of saree avaialble in online store. We have the unique collection of handloom sarees . Buy the sarees through online shopping and keep your wardrobe with unique collection.