Friday, January 31, 2014

Odissi Dance - Another Traditional way to show Odisha's Talent to World

Odissi dance is a traditional and classical dance form the pre-history culture of odisha.Odishi dance costume give the graceful and sensual and it forms in three regions of body movements like the head,the chest(abdomen) and finally the pelvic.
           Now a days the youngers try to save the culture and heritage of odisha in the dance form.All Indian dance costumes are different and unique but in odissi dance costumes, jwellery and the make-up is most needed.The odissi dance costume require the most excellent color of traditional handloom silk saree from the weavers and the designs always show the richness of odia heritage with it's beautiful costume.

Best Dance form of Odisha
Odissi Dance - Image: Hindu

                  Odissi dance costume is similar to the traditional Bharatanatyam dance.Odissi dance saree always made of sambalpuri saree like pasapalli or bomkai and khandua silk saree .The handloom saree are made of solid colors with beautiful designs.In odissi dance they always prefer to the bright color saree with red and black blouse called kanchula but it designs with gold or silver thread  on the border.Then there is a pallu called Thallaippu which is a pleat made in the front to look good and unique.
Odissi dancer wear the silver jwellery like bangles, ear-rings,necklaces,anklets ,arm pieces and on foot they wear the ghunguru.Finally they make-up their face with white paint, red big bindi,red dark lipstick and lots of safety pins, etc.The make-up of odisshi dancer in the traditional form is kajal which applied around the eyes to give elongated look On the forehead where the red bindi worn a white kumkum or sandalwood powder put with a small bindi on all side.They put all the make-up with dance costume and finally they wore the crown called mahkoot.The crown mahkoot consist of two parts ,one is the ghobha which decorated with flower on back piece to look like a bun at the back of the head.
           Finally the odissi dance costume is fully prepared to give the poise of dance.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bollywood Song Tune Mari Entriyan Song from Gunday is truly Too Good

On valentine's day "Gunday" picture will released.But the song 'Tune Mari Entriyan' was released and it become the top hit song for the youth.
The song is beautifully sung and the video of the song is too good .

The song is coreographed on the beautiful city kolkata.In this song Priyanka Chopra is well dressed in so many traditional handloom cotton saree which wear on the west bengal marraige and she looks beautiful.On this song the beauty of kolkata was fully described and in which our traditional saree weaved(Tant) was seen on this song.

Handloom Sarees in Bollywood
Gunday Bollywood Movie used Odisha Sarees

Some ladies wear the odissi dance saree which is a typical handloom silk saree and it gives the beauty of odisha .
                     But the dance of Ranveer Sing, Arjun Kapoor and the beautiful Priyanka Chopra performance was awesome.The dance steps always remind the early Bollywood movies of Anil Kapoor.Thanks to the director who makes the film in our beautiful city and the song video always remember the beauty of our culture.If any poor weavers see the song he or see definitely feel proud .

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Basant Panchami Celebration (Saraswati Puja)

In hindu religion saraswati puja is celebrated all over india.Saraswati is the goddess of Education, Crafts and Arts. Saraswati puja is always fall in the month of magh(january - february).Students celebrate saraswati puja with a great way in college ,school,and in private tuition.Students worship to goddess saraswati for the success of learning,arts and crafts. 

She is the mother of the Vedas. She always dressed in white saree which symbolizes the purity and she rides on a white swan which symbolizes the purity and discrimination.

In west bengal saraswati puja celebrated in every house. Saraswati puja is a part of social celebrations.In school ,college the ladies teacher and the young girls try to wear the beautiful yellow traditional silk saree or plain Saree. Pushpanjali are offered to maa saraswati.Young people enjoy the day with their friends and family.Cultural programmes held in night with great devotion.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Siminoi Saree and the Last Survived Handloom Weaver from this Village

Siminoi saree design is not famous as like sambalpuri cotton , kotpad or khandua but these saris are unique and at some point of time in the Past they are better than the other handloom products in Orissa.

Now at Siminoi, Dhenkanal there is not a single weaver we can find who is still engaged in the same the trade.

What is more surprised when our team visited this village, we asked many person there, most of them even not aware that siminoi was famous in past for cotton sadhi.

Siminoi saris
Siminoi Village, Dhenkanal

Last Piece of Siminoi Saree on Display
Last Original Siminoi Saree

Last weaver of siminoi, odisha
Mr and Mrs Khetrabasi, Siminoi, Dhenkanal Odisha
Mr Khetrabasi born at village Ankrantipur, which is end of Siminoi village. He is the last person of this place who weave sarees and make this place famous in late 80's and 80's. Siminoi had a weaver society in the past which dismissed after death of Jyotirmaya Maharana, who is managing it. After his death none of the weavers taken interest to keep the name alive and move to powerlooms. Khandua Silk Sarees will follow the same path very soon.

As Mr Khetrabasi's age increased, he also not able to contribute to weave or design and handloom sarees from this village. Mr Khetrabasi is now reached the age of 74 as on the date we talked to him.

You will be more surprised to know none of the Govt organizations bother about this rare art and help Mr Khetrabasi to survive in a better way.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Puri Beach and Beauty of It

Puri is the place which attracts lakhs of visitors from all over world to India. This Long Beach have uniqueness and beauty in it. Puri is one of the hot destination of travellers, because of the famous jagannath temple.

Mostly People from Odisha visit here, but apart from odisha according to a survey other state visitors who love to be here are West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu.

Same as city Puri is attracts people from below cities more than others:
  • Kolkata
  • Howrah
  • Raipur
  • Ahmedabad
  • Chandigarh
  • Bangalore
  • Delhi
  • Pune
  • Mumbai
  • Hyderabad
Puri comes on top in tourist places in India, where we can find many best accommodation and travel options. Some of the Best place to live in Puri, Odisha are below:

  • Mayfair Puri
  • Hotel holiday resort
  • Sonali hotel
  • Victoria club hotel

Puri Beach, Image by rjha94

Orissa tourism department working well to attract more and more visitor but still there are lot of scope to improve it. Like
  • Beautification of Beach
  • More Direct Trains from all major Cities
  • Cheap Hotels
  • Shopping Mall's which should showcase handloom products and handicrafts
  • Cheap Cab from Bhubaneswar Airport and Railway Station to Puri
  • More Police Force around Beach for Safety of Visitors
Places to See in Puri and near to it:
  1. Jagannath Temple
  2. Puri Beach
  3. Konark - The Sun Temple
  4. Chandrabhaga
  5. Satapada
  6. Chilika
Whoever visit here never miss the chance to visit the famous temples, people started their day from morning bath, draping beautiful cotton handloom sarees

Guruvayur Temple - Thrissur - Kerala

Guruvayur temple is situated at Thrissur, kerala, which is a famous temple of Lord Krishna.

As we have many famous temples in India, this temple also a must visit place for Krishna Lovers living in our country. Tourism in india also need to give more and more support to this place. 

Among foreigners kerala is the top most in the visiting list. Apart from Kerala, they never miss gujarat tourism, karnataka tourism, orissa tourism.

Still indian tourism is not in a position to showcase and keep all beautiful places like this, we need to be focus on keep safe these wonderlands.

Guruvayur temple
Image: Hindu

Guruvayur temple they observe puja in a proper timing, so please visit the place by keeping an eye on the puja timing. if possible contact someone from Temple authority to arrange it for you. But a broad way Puja begins around 3 am till 9.45 PM.

This temple was also in news because of its gold reserve. This Kerala temple Guruvayur Devaswom rejects RBI request to share details of gold assets.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tulasi Munda - Journey of Fighting for Education in Odisha

Tulasi Munda is one of the famous lady social worker from Odisha, who rewarded with Padma Shri in the Year 2001 for her noble cause for education in rural odisha.

Tulasi Munda, ALady Fighter for Education in Odisha
Image: DNA
She set up a school at Serenda which helps many tribal child to learn and indirectly saving them from becoming daily laborer. Serenda is not very far now from Joda, Barbil. But when she begin her journey here many villager protest her and do not want to send their children to Mrs Munda.

She started educating a small group of children under a tree, but as time pass by one one villager and social activists help her to set up a school there.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Famous Dhanu Yatra of Western Odisha

Dhanu yatra celebrated in western odisha with the symbolize the mythological story of lord krishna and his uncle kansa(mama).It is celebrated in the famous place of western odisha named bargarh. but now a days it celebrated in every place of western odisha. From 6th january to 16th january the place looked like mathura. Bargarh is famous for its sambalpuri ikkat handloom saree and beautiful bomkai saree.

The festival show the drama of lord krishna and lord balaram to visit mathura for the ceremony of "bow" organised by his uncle kansha.The play starts from the emperor ugrasen and  the prince kansa and the marraige of devaki with basudev and  the death of kansa(mama) and finally ugrasen became the king.

Dhanuyatra Preparation in Bargarh 2014
Image: telegraphindia

It is the world biggest open air theater since 1947. In modern society  the old mythology loses the power but dhanu yatra of bargarh show its religion and traditional culture . Odisha is considered a colorful land of fairs and festivals.Women's wear the beautiful ikat or silk saree to visit dhanu yatra and so many peoples try to buy some new silk saree, salwar kameez . For eleven days bargarh city transform into a big stage.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Traditional culture for hindu women.

Saree and bangles are the tradition culture of  hindu religion.Bangles are the symbol of a married women in india.By wearing a saree will not complete her beauty,but by wearing the bangles and ornaments like necklace and ring in hand and toe to complete the women beauty.India has a different culture in various state with a various style of saree drapping.
                                      Even in india mythology bangles and silk saree are the main  fact of  an indian women. Bangles are specially made of bronze,copper,silver,gold,glass and anything material used by the craftsmanship.Now a days every designer saree have the best collection of bangles are available on the fashion trends.When a girl marriage she wears a tradition saree with tradition gold bangles to look gorgeous.

Indian Women in Saree in a Bollywood Movie
Specially in odisha and west bengal the women wears the glass bangles with sankha and sindoor.Now a days in india the old culture is going on while changing the bangles never allow the arm to be empty at that time they have to put sankha on the time of changing to wear new bangles.But bangles are not for the widows in hindu culture.They can wear gold bangles but no glass bangles.
             From the old age the image of the bride is complete with the beautiful accessories .In hindu culture a women identificstion is sindoor,bangles,saree and toe rings with the beautiful bindi  which gives the bride complete. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Makar sankrati

Makar sankrati  is an Indian festival which always falls on the same day every year(January 14). It is a special occasion for the hindu people and give the signal that spring season is arrived in india.

Makar sankrati symbolize to lord sun for to give more bright in life and never give the darkness for the new year. On makar sankrati the ladies wear the new beautiful traditional odisha sarees and go to temple to well wishes for their family. On this day children loves to fly the colorful kites in odisha.

In odisha people celebrate makar sankrati  by preparing the makara chaula (kheer)made of new rice, banana, jagerry(guda), sesame (til) and delicious sweets give to god .On this day devotees worship to sun god at great konark temple with great favour. From this day the day became lengthy and night become shorter. Where the old age people lives you find makar sankrati celebrates with a great joy by singing bhakti song or by kirtan.

Most people celebrate the new year from this day of makar sankrati. Makar mela also held in various place which you can buy the household things, puja materials, traditional wearand many more things.On this day every people sit together and eat their delicious sweets with prasad(makar chaula).

Sarees , salwar and other clothing sale is on high during this festival. Handloom sarees and designer sarees sale also in top during this period in odisha.