Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Celebration in india

Christmas is celebrated all over the world. The most celebrated holiday on the world in 25th december.In india previous christmas is a small festival but today christmas is the biggest and lovable festival.The festival is also celebrated by other religious in a full of happiness.
On this occasion every shop have the beautiful Christmas Tree,Ornaments,Presents and decorative items brought by the people on this festival. Every year the indian christians on the night of 24th they visit the nearest church with all family members.On this night church are decorated with flowers ,beautiful lights and candles and visit to jesus christ and take the delicious mouthwatering feast with yummy cakes.Presents are given to one  another and wish them the 'Merry Christmas'.India is a multicultural religious with different types of language spoken here.In hindi people told" Merry Christmas" ,in bengali" badodinar subhecha",in odia "bada dina ra subhakamana," and all over the world say "Merry Christmas " to all.

On this day the small child done the drama of jesus christ and finally sing the song and dress up of santa clause to make fun with people and distribute the presents to them.Caroling processions held on the 24th night.
On this day there house are full of lightining with a big star which floats on the air.In southern the christians put a small clay lamp on the top of the floor to show that jesus is the light of the world.
In india santa clause or father christmas give the present to children by cart or horse. Like this in "U.S" they beleived that santa clause deliver the presents to their home with a lot of fun.In "U.S" caroling procession held on 24th december.

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