Thursday, July 11, 2013

Handloom Industry Need Our Support

Handloom in Odisha is the oldest identified type of manufacture textile by hand of people. Loom represents a near the beginning stage of textile manufacture. Handloom in odisha is at the present the resource of income to quite a few millions of weavers and their families all over the orissa. In the so called 21st Century, a few places still arrogantly keep on the antique practice of hand weaving side by side with power looms and other machinery as the signs of artistic point. Even during the present days when man is trying to win the world, people around the world keep on looking at the handloom products of odisha like ikatdesign, sambalpuri  saree, bomkai sarees as the sign of the wonderful history. What is your thought for future of handloom in Odisha, India ? 

Handloom Item are not just pieces of beautification but this odisha handloom products also stand for the cultural ethics of orissa. Price of Silk and Cotton rising day by day which need support from Govt of India to keep handloom running. Apart f from Odisha, there are other states which is going through very tough time. It is the time we people need to understand value of it and give moral support to weavers which will directly or indirectly keep feeding their family.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Best Way to Wear a Sambalpuri Saree

Sambalpuri saree is an Indian conventional dress worn by females all over world. It is a lengthy material that goes from four to nine yards long and it is draped in a variety of styles. We will show the procedure of draping the sambalpuri sarees in Odisha which was previously called Orissa. This instructions will assist you to learn the fundamental ladder of tying sambalpuri saree, sambalpuri silk sarees, bomkai sarees, kotpad sarees, etc without difficulty.

This is instruction particularly for our fans from all over the world who are constantly stunned by the wonder this yards long of sambalpuri silk saree or khandua pata saris can make. Also this is for the ladies out there who don’t be acquainted with odisha sarees and are overwhelmed by considering celebrities like Maria Sharapova in handloom odisha sambalpuri saree, your search ends here. 

Wearing a handloom sari is not just regarding draping the fabric design, instead it is an art that need to be explored by attractive women, look of a women changes to stunning in a handloom ikat sambalpuri saree. We will also add some information on handloom accessories usage next to sonepuri sarees, which complete the excellence of a woman and make her complete to attract her partner. Wearing sambalpuri sarees does not need any unusual skills, it need your wish which can fly you in your dreams. Best Of Luck for new girls and women who want to adopt handloom odisha sarees from sambalpur. 

Sambalpuri saree from bomkai

To look completely stunning in a sambalpuri saree, you will need:

•   One sambalpuri blouse
•   One petticoat with matching sambalpuri saris
•   Pair of Beautiful shoes which should look traditional
•   IKAT style Bangles with matching color
•   Gold or traditional saree style Bracelet
•   Desi Odisha Earrings to look desi
•   Handloom or handicraft hair accessories 
•   Always keep Safety pins which you have to fit in the orissa sari
•   Traditional wedding bindis which match silk or cotton sarees