Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sambalpuri Saree from Odisha Saree Store

Sambalpuri is also an Ikat-style handloom silk sarees, in which both the warp and the weft are tie-and-dyed earlier to weave latest saree designs. mostly manufactured in the Sambalpur, Sonepur, Bargarh, Balangir regions of Odisha, these orissa handloom sarees generally bring into play motifs such as the Sankha , Chakra and lotus, all code of Lord Vishnu.
            The area of expertise of Sambalpuri silk sarees are that the Bandha method which it uses, gives it an almost matching print on both the sides of the traditional sarees. This expertise inherited from the 12th Century, right up to the mid 20th Century, when it faced a sheer turn down. These orissa handloom sarees and sambalpuri dress materials were then made internationally accepted. nowadays, this approach of weaving is used on handloom silk sarees, cotton saree designs and cotton cloth. Sambalpuri textiles include dress materials and handloom silk sarees, cotton sarees.

            For the growth of the Baandha technique now weavers gets support from all part of the country. fetching a member among the all india handloom sarees designs we still need a long path to go. We Odisha Saree Store will make Odisha Proud because we have best Handloom fabrics manufacturers, handloom fabrics suppliers and artisians to weave latest saree designs.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Life of a WEAVER's child

Life of a WEAVER's child
Nuapatna, Tigiria, Cuttack, Odisha
21st Feb 2013.

Child of a weaver is still in risk which i feel even if today's modern age. I have been brought up in a small town bandhabahal which is near to the handloom industry located in sambalpur, bargarh and famous for sambalpuri sarees for it handloom designs. But i never got a chance to visit any weavers family until i was 15. For the First time i saw handloom designs during summer of 1993 and because i was first time visited a place call Nuapatna in Cuttack district. I today felt lucky that i have been to Nuapatna and able to see best cotton saree designs even during 90s. Actually my sister's marriage fixed in Nuapatna and luckly they lived in a house surrounded by weaver families or you can say TANTI families.

Afterwards i have visited thousands of time to Nuapatna, live there in my summer holidays, play, roam, do picnic with weavers children. They used to work from very small age and make some money to fulfill there family's financial problem. some of the childs sit left of the main weaver and help them to allign the thread properly for beautiful handloom designs.

Some of the children makes money by removing the binding made by main designer after colouring the latest saree designs. I knew some of the small boys sudha, karuna and madhu who help there families since childhood. Education is not much importance for them. Sometime i felt guilty because when i was in 20s still i depends upon my father to study and go on in my daily expenses. but they used to spend by there own. They are really brilliant boys who can make best cotton saree designs, can weave latest saree designs which now we started and show handloom silk sarees online.

There are handloom weaving communities live around Nuapatna, Maniabandh and Abhimanpur. I have visited all these villages many times in last 20 years but my love for them started really this year. Weaver population is around 20000 around these palces. In Nuapatna, mostly we find Pata weavers (silk sarees) ,in Maniabandha and Kusikiyari only cotton sarees are woven with best handloom fabrics. Handloom sector is known as the second largest employment sector after agriculture in India and Odisha has a major share in it. Still child labour rates are shooting up every year in all the sectors. We need to eduacate people and help there childrens to study in the tender age and help them to grow as a normal citizen. They can make more better in handloom sector if they have good knowledge and mind.

We will definitely help weavers to achieve this goal and help them to stop child labour. Let the children enjoy there time and fulfill parents wish after there study.

Odisha Saree Store Team

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Idea and implementation of Odisha Saree Store

Odisha Saree Store born and start its business this year but we can say love for handloom silk sarees started years back in 1993 when we first saw the handloom designs with having the best qualities of handloom fabrics in them at nuapatna a samll town in cuttack district, Odisha.

Orissa handloom sarees have many famous designs in its plate, we have khandua pata from nuapatna, sambalpuri silk sarees with best handloom designs which are best for its unique designs and fabrics. We have best handloom fabrics for wall hangings, ladies dress materials, shirts, sonepur, bomkai sari and berhampuri sarees.

The main difference of handloom silk sarees from others is that each silk saree is different from other either by handloom designs or colur.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Latest saree designs Exhibitions throughout India in year 2013

Odisha Saree Store is a brand of Indian handwoven textiles crafted using traditional techniques. Our traditional sarees, fabics reflect the skills of the craftspeople throughout India.

Odisha Saree Store was born out of a thought to re-look handloom sector in India. We do believe our designs are to be Indian. Our colours and designs find its roots in Indian philosophy and traditions which reflect in our handloom sarees.

Odisha Saree Store is not just about the handloom designs sarees but about a larger program that has managed to uplift an entire handloom community by creating a new value for an latest saree designs and ignored handloom product. We also provide handloom silk sarees online and where customer can purchase Handloom sarees directly from our Store. Though handloom silk sarees worn by a large number in India and abroad, there are scope for new explorations in sambalpuri sari, We have adapted traditional designs to make them simple, sophisticated and distinct. Odisha Saree Store plans to showcase its product like best handloom silk sarees, wall hangings, dupattas, blouse piece having best handloom fabrics in various exhibitions throughout India in year 2013.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Best Handloom Designs Sarees

The textile industry in India has been in reality since the time of our ancestors. And when it comes to use-ability and involvement to national income (read financial system), it's definitely the handloom sector.

Even while the handloom division experienced a slowdown in terms of rivalry from other textile set ups, now it is making a comeback and utilize all the modern requirements of production system. Thanks to the modern approach of weavers, now everyone find stylish wear in handlooms. Some of the famous name of saris are nabgunjara, Kumbha and danti

In Odisha Saree Store we provide best handloom designs saree, our designers researching on world class designs and implementation of those research works in our products. We have lots of various types of handloom products I.e. handloom silk sarees, handloom fabrics sarees, ladies dress materials, handloom shirts various type of cotton saree designs etc. We want to serve handloom designs saree around the globe.