Tuesday, December 31, 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 to All Of You

According to Gregorian calender (january 1st) New Years day is one of the most popular occasion in India. On this occasion many people gather with their loved ones and celebrate by wearing the colorful dresses with lots of fun. From december the old age people go to the temple to pray for their happy family, children wants to enjoy the party and movies.people wish to each other by saying happy new year and giving gifts to their near and dear ones. In metro city people enjoy their new years with parties, watching movies and club dance.

Village peoples enjoy their new years by taking the bless of  older peoples and by praying to cow (gomata) by giving them lots of household sweets. Finally they go to temples to worship their goddess (ista devta) for happy family. village people also wear the new cotton saree  to give wishes their neighborhood or who goes to work in the paddy field. Village people say to each other by saying NABA BARSA HARDIKA ABHINANDHAN.
jai jagganath.


In india traditional saree play an important role in our function.At the time of wedding so many traditional saree worn to the bride according to the function.
In indian culture the bride specially wear the handloom traditional saree of red color,green color and yellow color.

Yellow saree is the most common saree in wedding.On the first day of hindu wedding  the bride washed with the turmeric water to purify her and after she wears the traditional yellow silk or cotton saree.

At the time off wedding the bride specially wear the traditional red silk saree to look unique in the crowdy place.Red color saree reflects the emotion and the beautyness.Red color symbolise the power of shakti.

                Now a days fashion trends is so far that people love to wear the traditional saree on the time of their memorable day.


Now a days several people wear the saree of chiffon,georgette and embroidery saree in a huge demand.But the weavers of odisha  made the handloom products  like salwar-kameez, saree,handkerchiefs, kurtas  which can wear in winter or summer season.when peoples wear the handloom products they have to feel comfort because it is made of pure cotton or pure silk.

Handloom Weaver with handloom

Image: new indian express

Now the designer love to wear the handloom  products today.In few days the handlooms gives a high touch in fashion designer by producing new items.The new items are of famous tie and die fabric known as ikkat,kotpad made of vegetable dry fabrics and the khandua silk,sambalpuri silk or bomkai silk .Our main reason to save weavers by the help of selling handloom products by online or through exhibition.But handloom cotton was in top position,and the other handloom products are world famous.

Now the economic condition of weavers is worsening day by day because of raw materials in high price and decrease in demands of goods.If we encourage our weavers or promote the old fashion definitely handloom products will increase.Thanks to the fashion designer to understand the weavers.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

National Award Winner Mr Sarat Patra

Designing and weaving a handloom products is not an easy task as most of the people think when have a glance to the Product for the First Time. This art need hard work, patience and dedication to this art.

Mr Sarat Kumar Patra, is one of the genious who born in a small town called Nuapatna, Tigiria which in Athagarh District.

He is a National Award winner for natural tie and dye products of Nuapatna. He have some handloom sarees which cost more than 2 lakhs of Indian Rupees.

Wall Hanging Made By Him in the Cabin Of Chief Minister

All of his work are most unusual. Now his work you can see in our Chief Ministers Cabin where he not only women a master piece, he also written few lines of poem from Gangadhar Meher's literature.

Other Awardees are:

  • Smt. Yashodhara Patra
  • Sri Surendra Patra, 1993
  • Sri Sahadev Patra, 1999
  • Sri Sudam Guin

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sambalpuri Saree Designs And How We Can Help Weavers To Continue Weaving These Sarees

Sambalpuri sarees are superb designed handwoven cloth which wrap around the body in more than 100 styles, which enhance the beauty of a woman in many ways. Sambalpuri saree price are reasonable in compare to banarasi and other costly saris available in India. Silk Saris from sambalpur are known for its patterns and motifs in different colors. These exclusive sari border mostly weave for Rudraksha with Dobby.

Most Odishi Dancer drape sambalpuri sadhi, which look best on the famous dance, and it is traditional. Bomkai is another form of these sadhi which are best sarees found all over the world. sambalpurisaree now available for online shopping in india, you can order by choosing your design and color, which ship to your home free. Handloom Products in india known for these famous odia saris.

Wholesale of sambalpuri sarees also available in many stores in India. Many people in India may be not finding the answer who supply silk materials of sambalpuri sarees in India, but now you can contact Odisha Saree Store for any of your requirement in wholesale clothing in Odisha. 

Design of sambalpuri saree
Sambalpuri Saree Designs in Process

Most of the stores in India provide discount for Wedding sambalpuri sarees. Check out for best deal in these products in festival and bridal season in odisha. You can buy sambalpuri saree in our store easily and in best prices. Images of these beautiful designs got many awards in past and hope we will get more in future which bring glory to our state orissa.

Indian handloom products kept a good mark in the heart of all people leaving in India, and abroad. These handwoven fabrics are most liked by women travelling from USA, France, Canada, Singapore and Japan. Many of them visited our country and love to capture and share images to their friends and relative. 

But the main concern is price rise of silk and cotton threads and shutting downs of this art  and leaving this profession by artist because of low income. We all need to help these weavers and the art. Start something new. Buy a handloom product for you, your wife, daughter, son, or any family member and relative each month, this indirectly help them to keep up the weaving trade of odisha.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Celebration in india

Christmas is celebrated all over the world. The most celebrated holiday on the world in 25th december.In india previous christmas is a small festival but today christmas is the biggest and lovable festival.The festival is also celebrated by other religious in a full of happiness.
On this occasion every shop have the beautiful Christmas Tree,Ornaments,Presents and decorative items brought by the people on this festival. Every year the indian christians on the night of 24th they visit the nearest church with all family members.On this night church are decorated with flowers ,beautiful lights and candles and visit to jesus christ and take the delicious mouthwatering feast with yummy cakes.Presents are given to one  another and wish them the 'Merry Christmas'.India is a multicultural religious with different types of language spoken here.In hindi people told" Merry Christmas" ,in bengali" badodinar subhecha",in odia "bada dina ra subhakamana," and all over the world say "Merry Christmas " to all.

On this day the small child done the drama of jesus christ and finally sing the song and dress up of santa clause to make fun with people and distribute the presents to them.Caroling processions held on the 24th night.
On this day there house are full of lightining with a big star which floats on the air.In southern the christians put a small clay lamp on the top of the floor to show that jesus is the light of the world.
In india santa clause or father christmas give the present to children by cart or horse. Like this in "U.S" they beleived that santa clause deliver the presents to their home with a lot of fun.In "U.S" caroling procession held on 24th december.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wearing Saree and Benefit of draping it - Women's Health

Saree draping is an art which is not easy for all women, you have learn to be the master.  Indian women are born in a traditional country like india where sari draping is essential in most of the functions and places of worship. Indian sarees are best wear for any women living in this world,

Indian women blessed with the look and it can be more sexy with saree and it save our odisha, india's culture and tradition. All women should give thanks to who created Saree. Saree is symbol of India. Handloom sarees are created and weaved for all you beautiful and sexy women living in Indian states. We are trying to find the benefit of draping a saree. Now most of the saree designers in india suggesting their customers to drape sari below the navel, which attact most of the men living surrounding you and you feel yourself good by wearing it with a fit body.

All women must be fit, slim and healthy to wear a saree below navel, you have to be cautious in your food, do exercise to keep your body fit as all Bollywood heroines.

Now is Indian in most of the metros saree draping coaching classes started for ladies, which help the women to wear the saree perfectly in functions and marriage parties. If your body is not have proper shape you can not drape a sari below navel. If you are still new in saree draping then start learning the art from your elders or any master of this art like Kalpana Shah, who is famous for her saree draping in most of the bollywood movies and for heroines.

Odisha handloom sarees are unique and can be wear any way you want, you can have orissa cotton saree, bomkai sarees which are best for marriage funtions. We emphasizing on saree draping because we want our customers to look beautiful, sexy, cute on each of the occasion she will visit.

There are many ways of draping a saree, which you can try at home and tease your boy or husband. Wishing you good luck.. Enjoy being together with sarees.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

All About Barpali, Sambalpur, Odisha, India

Barpali is the one of the hub for many handloom products available in India. barpali town is a NAC which is in bargarh District of Odisha, India. Apart from many handloom weaves, we can find many barpali college which are famous for the education in western Odisha. Barpali weather is pleasant during winter but in summer is same hot like most cities in orissa. 

Barpali handloom weavers are known for their unique designs and mastery over the handloom IKAT sarees. We can find many national award winner here in barpali. Do not miss to buy odisha hand woven saris from barpali if you visit our place. Now You can find handloom sarees online in many Online Store in India which are famous for handwoven indian sarees.

People of barpali love and worship maa samalei and celebrate sitalasasthi with big celebration.

Some of the nearest places which are close to barpali map are bargarh, Ghess, khaliapali, remunda, padampur, larambha etc. 

Many big names are attached to this part of western orissa. Barpali town is also very nearer to the state Chattisgarh.

Odisha Saree Style

Famous writer Gangadhar Meher was born here in barpali, in whose name famous college of sambalpur renamed to Gangadhara Meher College.

Travelling to Barpali:
barpali is well connected with road and train services. You can take bus or train from sambalpur to reach here. Barpali is at a distance of 70 Km from the main city of Sambalpur. You can find many barpali to sambalpur train here, just collect your information from your guide or travel agent to know the exact timing of trains.

Tourist Spots near barpali:
  • Nrusinghnath
  • Gandhamardhan
  • Debrigarh

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Save A Baby Girl

Today's big problem is the gender issue, specially in India. Baby girls are either aborted in mother's womb or killed after birth. By this process India gives rise to crime by killing a girl.
When a baby girl takes birth in a house she compared to Goddess Laxmi, for Goddess of wealth and Goddess saraswati for the Goddess of knowledge and wisdom.Now also we believe that without a women no home is complete.
Any function or puja can not be held  without a women. The crime of aborted is not only in rural areas but in urban areas also.With the help of new techniques every body know  it's gender.If the gender will be a girl then she kills in the womb.when a girl born, she cannot get free in her life.A girl child always constant with his parents, then her husband and finally with her children.

Save the Girl Child
Image: Telegraph
For this case women suffer too much in these days,that's way parents don't send daughters for school they thought daughters are only for kitchen.In india women are literacy and suffer too much.
Dowry is the big problem in northern sates like bihar, rajasthan and now a day's every where.Father of the girl  has to give lots of money to the bridegroom at the marriage ceremony. If the father of the bride
fails to give the money ,the bride is severely tortured or try to kill them.
God has created man and women in the beautiful world.so always respect to girls and love them.Save the girl child in humanity way.If we save the girls we build a powerful nation in the beautiful world.
"A home without a daughter is like a body without soul".   

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sambalpur and its Culture, Tradition and Beauty

Sambalpur district is the oldest and favorite of all because of its culture and tradition. Sambalpur is situated in western part of odisha. Sambalpuri is one of the oldest place where diamond business was done in past. The people of sambalpur are very sweet and traditional which is also known for sambalpuri song, sambalpuri video song, sambalpuri albums, sambalpuri cotton sarees

Oriya sambalpuri people now leaves in every cornor of the world but they never forget their culture. They celebrate nuakhai each year whether they are in orissa, bangalore, delhi, kolkata or in any where in abroad. They wear sambalpuri silk saree, sambalpuri kurtas and celebrate it.

Sambalpur also has major study centers like sambalpur university. Gangadhar Meher College, Burla Engineering college, Medical College and many more. sambalpur results in all education exams are best in Odisha. Sambalpur has always born talented educated people who are well placed all part of world.

Now a days job in sambalpur is not a hard task because some of the major business houses open their business around the sambalpur district, you can apply at handalco, sambalpur university, banks in sambalpur orissa, at MCL jharsuguda etc. 

All major cities connected with sambalpur city, some of the trains like sambalpur express which known by all and connect sambalpur map with other states. People from all places visit here to have a glance to the famous saris of odisha.

Odisha Saree Store
Sambalpur, Odisha, India
If you never watched a sambalpuri video or marriage with dj sambalpuri, you can not able to imagine how crazy people we are and how much we love our styles. New sambalpuri songs are always kept a mark on odia people and you must heard in all marriage parties. If you like oriya sambalpuri songs hit search in google and download sambalpuri songs easily from web. You can try "odia sambalpuri", "oriya songs" or "sambalpuri mp3". We are sure you will love it.

Sambalpur have a great history where many famous person born and take our culture and pride to a top level. We have famous freedom fighter Veer Surendra Sai who known in odisha for sambalpur. He is one of the brave freedom fighters born in odisha.

Now sambalpur is a modern city where we can find best clothing stores, shopping center, star hotels, best foods in street and restaurants. if you are planning to visit sambalpur tourist spot, do not think much call any travel agents sambalpur and book your ticket. But Never forget to pick some handloom sarees, salwar kameez, handkerchief from our beautiful sambalpur.

Wishing you a good luck in each part of your life..

Monday, December 2, 2013

Idea of Indian Movie Song With A Wet Saree

Indian film industry is always a fashion trend setter for large audience in India and abroad. Now a days more and more people started following fashion of bollywood, which is high among new generation. The clothing and style used by hero heroines you can see among common people once the movie released. Our r bollywood directors are the master behind Indian fashion trend directly or indirectly. 
Showing Heroine in wet saree is a commmon style used by bollywood directors and a hit among the large young indians. Actress like deepika padukone look sensuous and sexy in the wet saree, half saree designs which attract a large audiance and indirectly hit the movie. In south Indian movies we can see it more often.
Film makers used different style of sarees in movie like hand woven saris, cotton sarees, silk sarees, chiffon sarees, zari sarees, saree without blouse and many more idea.
There are number of indian movies where heroine in hot in saree had seen with hero by wearing a wet saree. or the common is a raining seen for a song. Dance sequence in rain always a hit in Bollywood and it brings more audience to the movie, when hero do the kissing, caressing or hold heroince in the song the audience feel it like he is doing the same and make the film hit, it truely an added advantage to have a wet saree blouse with navel scene in a hindi movie. Also we saw in some movies heroine take bath in a jungle by wearing a saree, which show her midriff or half naked body which pull a large male audience. This plan had a good success rate for the film makers.

Nargis in wet saree and Raj Kapoor in Movie Shree 420
Our old and new heroine are all part of it, for example Raveena tondon in Tip Tip Barsa pani with Akshay Kumar, Pyaar Hua Ikraar Hua starrin Nargis in Movie Shree 420 was a big hit and among top for famous hindi rain songs, Aaj Rapat Jaaye from movie namak halal is still hot and pull all male in India. Aaj Rapat Jaaye is best rain song what we thought and best love song. Same trend is also going on for current heroins our team feels Karina Kappor for Bhage Re Man kahin in movie Chameli was superb. 
Saree is truely a piece of cloth which is more attractive than any dress available for women, aunty in India, those sexy ladies who think saree is a boring dress, we are sure they are missing something, we suggest you to wear saree in all places you visit, because saree can be drape in more than 80 styles according to our morden womens in India.. happy Draping.. Happy Shopping...and best of luck..for your look.. Wish rain will start when you are with your partner while wearing a sari.. Save our Tradition..Wear Saree..   

Monday, November 18, 2013

Maa Samalei Temple Sambalpur - A Tour of Odisha's Rich Culture and Traditions

Maa Samalei or Samaleswari Maa worshipped in Samaleswai temple which is situated in the town Sambalpur the District Head Quarter of western Odisha. Sambalpur is connected from all major towns in india through rail network. The Nearest Airport is Bhubaneswar but from last year Jharsuguda may be an option as the new aiirport just started fuctioning on demand basis.

If anytime you are planning Odisha or Orissa, never forget to visit Samalei Temple. This temple is a Hindu temple which is very close to the bank of the river, you can plan Hirakud visit also while in sambalpur town.

Maa Samalei of Sambalpur
Maa Samalei Temple, Sambalpur, Odisha

Samalei Maa is beleived in top in western reason due to some mythological stories which save queen of famous king Narasingh Dev during her intense labour pain during a dark rainy night in the month of Srabana. King Balaram Dev built maa's temple in the bank of river Mahanadi under a simili tree, Mahanadi is the biggest river in Odisha. People and history told us that this famous temple built around 16th Century.

Myth also heard that previously human sacrifice offered in this temple, then it moved to buffaloes but now this has been abandoned.

Nuakhai celebrated very big for Samalei Maa where people serve arnnabhoga of rice for the new paddy. People of western odisha get together is this festival by wearing new sarees, salwar kameez, kurta, old people wear new dhoti and Gamcha.

Sambalpur region also famous for Sambalpuri and bomkai saree which is world famous. All weavers take blessing of Maa during this Nuakhai festival and some of the weavers also offer newly made handloom product by them to Maa Samalei which is the famous saktipitha in Odisha. People of Sambalpur beliieve that Maa Save the town from all bad influence and spread wealth, hapiness all over the town.

Samalei temple also known as Samalei Gudi among people of Odisha. Indian railway also have a train name for Maa as Samaleswari Express which run from Howrah to Sambalpur.

If you have ever been to western Odisha, you must heard many songs dedicated to Maa Samaleswari from the list we like "Maa go mor samalei maa". If you are interested to hear these songs you can search in google and find them, download them easily as mp3 or watch as youtube video.

Nearest Attraction:

  • Hirakud Temple
  • IKAT Art from Sonepur, Bargarh, Bomkai saree making
  • Nrusinghanath temple
  • Usha Kothi 
  • Huma Temple which is known as the Leaning Temple

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Balijatra - The festival for traders

Balijatra festival celebrated in many places of odisha, Paradip and cuttack is the best place to see it. Cuttack balijatra celebrated on the bank of the river, it is close to the famous Barabati stadium. People from all around Indian travel here to see it. The function mostly inaugurated by chief minister of odisha.
Balijatra starts on kartika purnima and goes long for a week or more according the plan made by administration. Before starting the stores here, many trader need to contact the organizer to book a stall for them. This festival is a mark where ancient Sadhav or businessman started their journey to foreign lands like java or Sumatra to sell products of odisha. In exchange they bring back gold, money with name and fame of odisha.
On kartika purnima people from all places in odisha sail a toy boat by decorating it with flower and kept a deepa. They sail it where ever they found water like ponds, canals or rivers. Small children enjoy it with other family members by singing a song "aa ka ma bai, pana gua khai....to remember our odia culture and tradition.

Cuttack balijatra

This is also known as boita bandana utsav from ancient time. In odisha history it was mentioned as sadhava or business mans start their journey, after they their beautiful wives in saree and jewellery complete the "bandana" for the well being of their husbands and business. In odia you must heard of a story called "Tapoi" in which wives of sadhavs make the life hell of the only sister of sadhavs.The boat of sadhav start its journey with the help of winds direction which is favorable during this period, which takes them to java and Sumatra.
To remember the tradition now women sail boat and wish happiness for all by wearing traditional sarees which they buy from local shops or online stores available in India. They purchase saree, dress materials, ikat saree, sambalpuri saree, salwar kameez for young girls and many more for others in family.
Balijatra ground looks like a sea of heads in the evening during the festival. Each year number of trader increasing and increasing. The jatra spread around 3 to 5 square kilo meter. We heard that you can find what ever you want to purchase or sell.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Chhath Puja Celebration in India - Dedication to Lord Sun

Chhath puja in india is a hindu festival which dedicated to lord SUN, or we call Surya. Inndian's celebrate Chhath Puja in which they thank Surya bhagban to help us keep life on this planet, where devotees also ask god to fulfill wishes of them and their family.

God Sun or Rabi or Surya considered as our lord of energy, he is every year worshiped in India by men. women and children in Chhath festival all over india where they request god for everybody's well-being, prosperity and progress in life. 

In Hindu tradition , God Sun is believed by people that he helps to cure a many diseases, like leprosy. Sun God also bless family members, friends, and others the longevity and prosperity in every field.

Chhath Puja in India - Odisha Saree Store
Lord Surya, in his Seven Horses

After shopping their needs during puja like fruits, sweets, sarees, dress, kurta's and many more people start The rituals of the festival are rigorous and are observed over a period of four days. Even in Bihar they have a leave of five days for this festival. People in this festival bath in ganga, pokra, talab or small rivers, fasting is essential during this and all are not take any drinking water during Vratta, also it includes Devotee standing in water for long time, and give prasad to the setting and rising sun by all married men and women.
This festival observed mostly in Bihar, Jharkhand, UP.

Women In Indian Saree during Chhath Puja
Women in Chhath Puja. Image Source: The Hindu
This puja always occurs on a fixed thithi which is Kartika Shukla Shashthi, this day is the 6th day of Kartika masa in Hindu Calendar. This Indian festival falls mostly in the month of October or November in Gregorian Calendar. This festival also being celebrated in (March–April), on Chaitra Shashthi thithi mostly near Holi festival which called as Chaiti Chhath puja. Kartika Shukla Shashthi is famous because it falls during festival season and winter. During this devotee buy new cloths, sarees, kurta's for men, salwar kameez for young girls, men even use towels, dhotis and baby suit for children. Local Stores and big stores introduces new offer to sale during this festival. During this observance, devotee need to fast without water for near about one and half day in a stretch.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Karwa Chauth Celebration in India

Karwa Chauth is most famous celebration for all hindu married women, specifically in North India. They Observe Fast whole day and the good part in they get Gifts in that day from her husbands. The main reason for this fast is to pray for her husband's health and Life.

The Women wear beautiful sarees to celebrate it, and they started their fast before sun rise and they don't even take water the whole day. Mainly Karwa Chauth celebrated after four days of full moon.

Karwa means Pot and chauth meaning 4th in india. Shiva, Parbati and Kartikeye are the one prayed full day where 10 womens keep ten pots full of sweets.

Indian Traditions
Karwa Chauth in India

Now a days as modern women started following western culture, we fill that still india in a cultural country and women's still started doing the rituals by learning from her mother or mother-in-law or some of their relatives about Karwa Chauth.

Before the Karwa chauth day women's started purchasing their favorite saris, chudi, bindis, jewellery, mehndi etc from the local market or now a days from the Online store in India. 

Celebration mainly started in the Evening at home where sas and bohu exchange food packets to each other as a gift. and once the women's looking at moon by a sieve, they finish their fast by taking water from their husband, in return the husband give some gift to her.

Culture of India still have a lot in them, Just we need to keep it and share in to the Next Generation.. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Odisha Handloom Designs

Odisha Saree Store, Dhenkanal has planned to prepare few new design sarees to attract users around the world and create a name and fame in the national and international market for these beautiful designed orissa saris, tussar saris. We have started our store with an aim to help handloom sector of India and weavers.

New handloom Designs

The decision to have new designs of Sambalpuri saree, bomkai saris, Khan sari was taken at a meeting held at Nuapatna between the designers, weavers of handloom community and our management. 
The design reference collection will be implemented by our team at Dhenkanal. Our online store, would be happy if it can help odisha in popularizing Sambalpuri, ikat and kotpad both in national and international market.The designs would be prepared by famous local designers around orissa who need exposure thorough our online retail store. We will try to implement all possible colours loved by people around the globe. 
We are planning to showcase more than 100 new designs of  Odisha sarees in our online store this year.

If we get some sponsor who can make these sarees  go public by models on the ramp in cuttack or bhubaneswer which will create a broad market in India and for those sarees outside the state and the country.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

SUJIT MEHER - Our Own Odia Fashion Designer Joined Hand with Odisha Saree Store

About Sujit:
SUJIT MEHER is a young designer  based in Bangalore. In early 2013, he was appointed as designer of the Eros International Movie production house.

Early life and education
Born and brought up in Odisha, Sujit was studying to graduate in Engineering, when he decided to change his career path and applied for the india’s premier institute of fashion,  National Institute of Fashion Technology in Bangalore. He graduated in 2013. Sujit Belong to a place named Dharamgarh.

Success life
In 2011 Sujit Meher launched his own label "Tilottama - A hand with you" and started doing some social activity and design initiation activity.  One year later, Sujit presented his  first-ever Fashion show on sambalpuri tradition and culture. Which was organized by a Bangalore based organization “Juhar”. And it was highly appreciated by media and people.  From a young age Sujit is now a known name in terms of design and fashion with his signature style of sambalpuri.  As per Sujit , His all designs are for a certain cause. As he belongs to odisha, he feel that Odisha can now be saved only by the youths and their ideas.
In september 22nd, 2013 he presented his another design collection at nuakhai bhetghat bangalore by Juhar parivaar with sambalpuri fabric with the theme of "When Folk becomes fashion", which are creating an evolution in sambalpuri handloom sector. He brings the fashion in sambalpuri in a new way. He is among the youngest designer cum entrepreneur of india. His designs are even highly appreciated in international level. People from London, U.S.A, Masco are eger to get his Sambalpuri collections. He has honored and appreciated in many places.

Sujit says :
when i was doing my design degree in nift, i thought of doing something for society , Because i do design for cause. which is my moto. Today India is losing it's own identity what it was before. Our tradition, design, art , heritage and craft vanishing day by day because of industrialization and other factors. So i thought of do something to get back our real India as a designer with all this aim, to emphasis the craftsmanship of india and bring a new evolution in indian designs.

You can Buy His Creation Online from : Odisha Saree Store an Online Retail Store in India for handloom

Some Media Reference:


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Nuapatna - Way to Handloom Palace

Nuapatna famous for IKAT work and known all over World for its special designs sarees. You can stay at any hotel at Bhubaneswar or Cuttack, Before starting your journey to the beautiful place.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Handloom Nighty dress for Women

Girls and Women are fond of soft cotton wear for each occasion  it may be in Office or outing or while sleeping at Home. Cotton nightdress in handloom are best choice now in Indian ladies. Also New Generation of girls being fond of Odisha nighty dress styles and recommending all their friends who use costly nightgown or nightdress.

Women's nightwear in cotton handloom fabrics

Also We have Ladies Top for Girls, Baby Products in Our Store.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Road Map of Odisha Handloom Producing Places

List Of Places in Odisha where we can find handloom Products like sambalpuri sari, salwar kameez, bedsheets.

  1. Barpalli
  2. Sonepur
  3. Dhalapathar
  4. Maniabandha
  5. Nuapatana
  6. Gopalpur
  7. Brahmapur
  8. Sarakpatna, Dhenkanal
  9. Fakirpur
  10. Mauzibeg
  11. Nahamanga Patna
  12. Khandayat Patna
  13. Kajisahi
  14. Nuahat
  15. Suhagpur
  16. Raigarapur
  17. Achihna Patna

Buying Sari online is now easy and indian saris demand growing day by day. There are many sari shop who offer us best wedding sari and in affordable rate.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bomkai Sarees of Odisha

The Bomkai Odisha sarees of are a fresh art revision from familial orissa sarees and it is named after a countryside village in southern portion of Orissa. It has an embroidery-like design on the border and Anchal.

This Orissa saree is famous for its fine superiority and a look that arrests the ethnicity of its state. It has touches of the well-known ikat design from Nuapatna, Cuttack. Fabrics in Bomkai Saree: Both cotton and silk fabric are used in making Bomkai silk sarees. For regular wear, cotton bomkai is favored. A Fish denotes prosperity and good healthiness. 

Bomkai Saree of Odisha

Bomkai silk sarees feature threadwork beautification borders and pallu. East Indian ladies love to wear Bomkai sarees for their traditional ethnic look, as well as their modest and elegant color palette. A mixture of ikat and Bomkai are actual exclusive. Bomkai saris have very elaborate supplementary thread worked borders and pallus, and often combine ikat work for textile beauty that will take your breath away. 

Bomkais have very elaborate supplementary thread worked borders and Anchal, and often combine ikat work for textile attractiveness that will take your heart away.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Latest Odisha Saree and Blouse Designs Patterns

You can gain some Knowledge here for orissa handloom saree and blouses, designer blouses patterns in Ikat, Sambalpuri fashion blouses, Odisha blouse design for Indian saree, orissa famous designer saree blouse patterns, Odisha blouse with back neck style designs, Bollywood style backless handloom fabrics blouse designs, indian latest saree and blouse designs.

We are living in a old country and all Indian female identifies it very well that blouse can make or mar the looks of a gorgeous saree or sari. As such, they are more than simply careful about their orissa blouse designs. While in the past, low cut midriff baring blouses were the only saree blouse patterns, in the recent times, designerIndian saree blouse is the hottest fashion trend among the women. Now these orissa designer saree blouse patterns are made according to the individual needs of a woman as per her body type and other considerations. The latest saree blouse Odisha designs have amazing neck patterns and stylish back neck designs and these orissa designs have been made popular by the top fashion designers of Indian Women. These fashion blouse patterns have various types of neck designs and are decorated with a host of various trims including stones, aari work, sequins, beads, crystals, embroidery etc. 

Sambalpuri saree and price are little higher than saris from other part of odisha but it is best and looks good to you in a matching blouse.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Odisha Handloom Product: Sambalpuri Sarees

Handloom item made of Odisha cotton, which has a exclusive style and colour. The product includes of Sarees, Dress Materials, Bed covers, Cushion covers, Elegant Dupatta and Strolls.

Sambalpur ( Western Orissa) is the land of a exclusive handloom product on textile. The Sambalpuri cloth is distort and weft and tie-dyed before weaving. The fashion consist of the ritual of similar to Shankho (shell), Chakro (wheel), phoolla (flower) with profound representation, but the highlight of these textiles are conventional craftsmanship of the 'Bandhakala', the bind-dye art replicated in their involved weaves, also known as Sambalpuri " Ikat”. In this procedure, the strings are first tie-dyed and later woven into a fabric, with entire process taking many weeks. 

A well-liked wear of India’s former prime minister late India Gandhi. A right mix of fashion and convention has always kept sambalpur cotton in an altered league. 

The types of sambalpuri sarees are,

1. Saptapad Saree: The oldest form of sambalpuri tie and dye hand woven material.

2. Bapta Saree: A conventional tussar saree for metropolitan smart

3. Pasapali and Bomkai: Alternatives of sambalpuri sarees

Fakirpur Tussar Sarees, Odisha, India

Fakirpur is a place in Odisha always produce exquisite, sophisticated, attractive and remarkably exclusive tussar fabrics with hygienic colors. Creating classics for the young women & men. Reaching every wish, each taste of consumers through design expansion and colour blends. Updating all product for every occasion of time. Through of design which touch the heart and pride to one’s personality with feelings. Fakirpur tussar fabics an expression of traditional, culture & heritage through heart and soul of 500 weavers of Fakirpur Handloom cluster in Keonjhar District of Odisha in India.

Fakirpur Handloom Cluster is situated at northern region of odisha on the bank of river Baitarani. It is at 2 Kms away from Anandapur Block and 150 Kms. From state Capital Bhubaneswar. These Items can be found in many stores across india. Odisha Saree Store is very soon adding it in their Store. If you need quickly then contact them.

Tussar Sarees from Fakirpur, Odisha, India
Fakirpur Cluster creation variety is very fashionable unique tussar fabrics with hygienic acid and metal intricate colors. Weavers of the area around Fakirpur are totally transmissible weaving fabrics like Tussar Sarees with dobby design / jacquard work / jalla motifs, scarf with jalla and tie and dye pallu and dobby boarder saree, Tussar made shirting fabrics , Kantia shawls and Tassar made jodas and many more which customers love around the world.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Handloom Lungi in India

Handloom lungi are favorite among youth and old mans all around south India. Northern India adopted more towards western culture. We need to take care of our culture and traditional values among our self. You can see film director and actors taken interest on wearing it. Recently see chennai express in which some good dance numbers added with lungi. Our Store supply best cotton lungi and other products like cotton towels, sarees, dress materials etc to all over world.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Powerlooms a Trouble to Handloom Weavers in India

Handloom is a machine that is used to weave cloth without any need of power for any operation. Power loom is a machine that uses drive shaft of power for weaving. The process involves various intricate operations to make the textile. Handloom is better because it is a machine used to weave clothes and it doesn't need electricity but power loom is a machine which need electricity to work and spend a lot of Power. 

Designing a Handloom Saree

After introduction of Power loom weavers who made cotton sarees, silk saree, dress, materials raise their concern to respective state govt, because powerlooms directly cut job of handloom weavers in all states of India which produce best handloom shirt or other handloom textile like shawl, handloom bedsheets. By Introducing Powerloom the designs like ikat saree, khandua pata, pasapalli saree, bomkai saree, sambalpuri saree, kotpad saree, tribal shawl of the specific place going to disappear from the handloom map. Now all Weavers in Odisha concern about their food for the family. After a lot of intervention from last few days govt again started promoting it, but still a long way to go. Odisha Saree Store aim to develop life of weavers but all depend upon your support.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Handloom Industry Need Our Support

Handloom in Odisha is the oldest identified type of manufacture textile by hand of people. Loom represents a near the beginning stage of textile manufacture. Handloom in odisha is at the present the resource of income to quite a few millions of weavers and their families all over the orissa. In the so called 21st Century, a few places still arrogantly keep on the antique practice of hand weaving side by side with power looms and other machinery as the signs of artistic point. Even during the present days when man is trying to win the world, people around the world keep on looking at the handloom products of odisha like ikatdesign, sambalpuri  saree, bomkai sarees as the sign of the wonderful history. What is your thought for future of handloom in Odisha, India ? 

Handloom Item are not just pieces of beautification but this odisha handloom products also stand for the cultural ethics of orissa. Price of Silk and Cotton rising day by day which need support from Govt of India to keep handloom running. Apart f from Odisha, there are other states which is going through very tough time. It is the time we people need to understand value of it and give moral support to weavers which will directly or indirectly keep feeding their family.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Best Way to Wear a Sambalpuri Saree

Sambalpuri saree is an Indian conventional dress worn by females all over world. It is a lengthy material that goes from four to nine yards long and it is draped in a variety of styles. We will show the procedure of draping the sambalpuri sarees in Odisha which was previously called Orissa. This instructions will assist you to learn the fundamental ladder of tying sambalpuri saree, sambalpuri silk sarees, bomkai sarees, kotpad sarees, etc without difficulty.

This is instruction particularly for our fans from all over the world who are constantly stunned by the wonder this yards long of sambalpuri silk saree or khandua pata saris can make. Also this is for the ladies out there who don’t be acquainted with odisha sarees and are overwhelmed by considering celebrities like Maria Sharapova in handloom odisha sambalpuri saree, your search ends here. 

Wearing a handloom sari is not just regarding draping the fabric design, instead it is an art that need to be explored by attractive women, look of a women changes to stunning in a handloom ikat sambalpuri saree. We will also add some information on handloom accessories usage next to sonepuri sarees, which complete the excellence of a woman and make her complete to attract her partner. Wearing sambalpuri sarees does not need any unusual skills, it need your wish which can fly you in your dreams. Best Of Luck for new girls and women who want to adopt handloom odisha sarees from sambalpur. 

Sambalpuri saree from bomkai

To look completely stunning in a sambalpuri saree, you will need:

•   One sambalpuri blouse
•   One petticoat with matching sambalpuri saris
•   Pair of Beautiful shoes which should look traditional
•   IKAT style Bangles with matching color
•   Gold or traditional saree style Bracelet
•   Desi Odisha Earrings to look desi
•   Handloom or handicraft hair accessories 
•   Always keep Safety pins which you have to fit in the orissa sari
•   Traditional wedding bindis which match silk or cotton sarees

Saturday, June 8, 2013

History of Bengal Handloom Sarees

The busy town of Santipur in Nadia district of West Bengal, India, is just 94 kilometres (2 and half hours drive) north of the metropolitan area of Kolkata. It has recently been stated a city. Adjacent Fulia is often completed in the similar breath with Santipur, their distinct environments notwithstanding. Mutually they are perhaps the most reputed Bengal Handloom saree weaving centre in Bengal. Santipur and Fulia sarees are family names across India.

Santipur has a history as a place of Sanskrit literature and Vedic culture dating back to the 9th century. The first proofed indications as a handloom weaving centre are over 500 years old.  Fulia in difference shot to renown as a centre of handloom saree weaving more newly, caching on migrant weavers from Bangladesh, previous East Pakistan.

The Santipur – Fulia area has over 130,000 handlooms, mixing out Santipuri, Tangail, and Jamdani handloom sarees in a mixture of yarns like cotton, tussar and silk. Dhotis, dress fabrics, stoles and scarves are also woven. Like Santipur in West Bengal, Odisha have famous places like sambalpur, nuapatna, sonepur, barpalli, bargarh, sarakpatna for these products.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Handloom Products offered in India and how Odisha Saree Store helps them to reach the Customers

    Handloom and handicraft industry in India is a big manpower industry which is known for its uniqueness, style, traditional values and modern technology. Each and every state in India has the ability of show inventive printing, weaving, embroidery and crafty trends. It is this talent form that gives them their personality. What makes the handloom sector noteworthy is the use of fine textured fabrics for all products, fully gorgeous patterns, fashionable outlook and absolute finesse in the creation. In reality, handloom industry has tried its hands on more or less every product that can be thought off. From sarees to suits, lehangas, skirts, stoles, scarf's, shawls, jackets, handkerchiefs and many more, handloom industry in India has flourished to a huge area.

     Odisha is one of the State which celebrated as handloom Products Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters from India. The variety offered by odisha Saree store encompasses Cotton Products and silk products. The range of Cotton Products that we transaction in includes Cotton Sarees, Cotton Dress Materials, Silk Sarees, etc.

Best handloom Sarees
Laxmi Pada Silk Saree

     Handloom Products accessible by us are a perfect combine of limited designs and compelling patterns. Easily they are washable, quick color, light in load, recyclable and robust are some of the qualitative features of Handloom Products we produce and deliver to customer. Our Handloom items are reachable in large number of colors and assorted sizes. customers can benefit the same at most lucrative prices and in safe wrapping.

List Of Products:
  • Cotton Saree
  • Silk Saree
  • Kutras
  • Suits
  • Cotton Dress
  • Silk Dress
  • Scarf
  • Shawls
  • Skirts
  • Wall hanging designs
  • Ikat blouse piece
  • Pocket handkerchief
  • Bags and Purses
  • carpets
  • Mat
  • File Covers
  • bed sheet
  • neck scarves
  • Lehanga Choli
  • Dhotis
  • Lungi
  • Sherwanis
  • Tye and Dye Kurta Pajamas
  • jackets
  • Caps
  • Slippers
  • Sambalpuri Bed Linens
  • Table Linen
  • Odisha IKAT Cushion Covers
  • Curtain
  • Shirt Piece