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12 types of color combinations saree which look beautiful on Indian skin complexion

There are too many problems with being a dusky woman in India. Since the country is a tropical one more than 70 per cent of the people here are dusky as it is. In spite of that India and Indians are always obsessed with fair-skinned people, and women in particular. If you take a good look at the entertainment world around you, you would see that the focus is on being fair – even dusky people are looking to become fair. However, the dusky ladies are slowly taking over as evidenced by the rise of the likes of Deepika Padukone.
White is one colour that always looks great on the dusky Indian women. In fact, the contrast of the dusky Indian hew with white only enhances the beauty of the woman who wears it.

Cream is also one colour that looks really gorgeous on dusky women. In case of women with a fair complexion it only enhances the overall appeal but the effect, in all, does not really compare to the effect that it has on dusky skin tones. The dark skin of Indian women presents a fantastic background to the light cream colour.

Teal green
Teal green is a rare shade of green – one that has remarkably-low intensity. As opposed to other shades of green this one looks the best on the dark-skinned Indian women.

Going by normal convention red is not a colour that one would suggest to a dark-skinned Indian lady. However, it is 2017 and it is time to change the rules. If one can wear it in the right way then red can actually act as a complement to the dark tone of Indian women. A lot of women – especially celebrities – often wear minis in blood red and it looks really good on them.

There are different shades of yellow and not all of them are meant for women with dark skin. For example neon yellow is not a colour that dusky women would look good in. However, sunflower yellow would look really good on them.

Cobalt blue
As may be said in case of green and yellow, blue comes with many shades as well. Dusky ladies may not look so good in deeper hues of blue such as midnight blue or royal blue. However, they normally look chirpy and bright in cobalt blue.

Beautiful choices of Indian Silk Sarees Online
Sea green
Once again, the darker shades of green may not suit dusky women so well. Vibrant colours of green like sea green normally suit them better. However, in this case a lot depends on the dress as well.

Till a few days back grey was not supposed to be even regarded as a colour. It was supposed to be a light and dull colour. However, times have changed now and grey appears to be a colour in fashion. In fact, dusky women look stunning in grey.

Mauve is also one of the few colours that look really good on dusky women. In case you happen to have a dress designed by someone like Tarun Tahiliani it will only appear to be even better.

Black is one of the few colours of the world that look good on just about anyone. However, it is always advisable that dark women refrain from wearing the dirty colours of black. They should ideally go with jet black and shimmering black.

Beige is a light colour that is used predominantly in England. It looks okay on fair women but looks much better on the dusky Indian women. You should always western clothes in beige. The bright colours should ideally be kept away for the various Indian celebrations and events like marriages, sangeet, mehendi, etc.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Best traditional wedding fashion for Kids

One of the best things that you can do as a parent in this wedding season is let your kids be what they are – kids – and let them wear kiddy clothes, ones that they like and happen to be comfortable in. You might be worried sick about what your kids are doing in the wedding – they could be running helter skelter, and jumping down and up. They may also be skidding on their knees, doing this and that on the dance floor. You might not like it but that is what kids do – after all, they are kids. This is especially true of an occasion such as wedding.

The importance of comfort
This is why it is important that your child is as comfortable as he can be. If your child is not a quiet one or does not really listen to you then it makes no sense to gift him some designer clothes or other expensive items. They should ideally be wearing something – and I know that this would sound ironic – that can be destroyed quite easily provided they are going to muck around what they are wearing. It is also important to make sure that they do not look they have been made up too much or be weighed down by those expensive clothes. They should look like kids and not like young models on a runway, right?

Using bright colours
There are plenty of colours that would look good on kids. Some such colours are various shades of pink, corral green, peach, parrot green, and pastels. Basically, they would look good in any bright colour for that matter. However, these colours normally look good during a daytime do. If you are attending a function that is supposed to be held at night then you can go for various kinds of teal, yellow, turquoise, and red for the small, naughty ones.
Hand Woven Cotton Kidswear Kurta
Importance of accessorizing
You can always use some accessory or the other and make sure that your kid looks even lovelier than he already is. They would surely look extra cute. You can go for a bow tie for your young gentleman. It would make him look really cool and it would appear that he knows a thing or two about fashion. That would surely fetch him some plaudits, which he would appreciate as well. You can make sure that the bow tie matches the belt that they are wearing.

If you can get your boy to wear a pair of cufflinks with their favourite cartoon character on them it would make him look even cooler. It would add to their appeal as well. You can also get him to wear traditional shoes like juttis and mojris – that would surely help him stand out from the phalanx of kids wearing boots and sneakers. Just the right choice would make your kid look striking as opposed to smart as most kids normally look at weddings.

Some traditional suggestions
Your kid is a gentleman in the making and you need to acknowledge that as well. More than that, it needs to be reflected in the clothes that you are choosing for your child. He should be wearing colours and cuts that are fit for the kings as well as the richest people around. These are the best suggestions that can be given for this wedding season. They can wear Pathani kurta and salwar or a kurta pyjama that comes in the brightest of colours and also sets the trend for others to follow in future weddings.  In case you are attending a cocktail party he can wear a smart shirt, trousers that fit him well, and half-waist coats.  

Thursday, February 2, 2017

10 best wardrobe essentials for college going girls

Jeans is the most obvious choice in this particular category. Girls who go to college wear jeans throughout their freshman years and perhaps later on as well. It is always better to have several pairs of jeans for this phase in one’s life. A lot of young girls in this age group prefer having four pairs. It is important that they fit well.

Denim shorts
Denim shorts are also a good option especially when the weather outside is all warm. In a country with an extended summer season it can jolly well be the best decision that a girl makes. If a girl is staying in a dormitory or a guest house then too it can be a good choice.

A lot of college-going girls – especially ones who have worn jeans throughout their freshman years – wear leggings in their sophomore years. However, more often than not they keep wearing a few pairs till they become worse for wear. In fact, it has been seen that quite a few girls have been late in picking up that style but once they have started they swear by them.

Basic tops
Most of the girls who go to college have less space for closets where they can store their clothes. This is why it is very important for them to make the most of what they have by way of wardrobe. This is where the basic tops can come in. Girls can wear them in neutral colours.  
Professional clothing
There is much more to professional clothing than just one piece of clothing. However, truth to be told, it is only a single outfit. No matter what kind of degree or programme a college-going girl is studying in it does not hurt to look like a professional every now and then. It ups the style quotient as well.

Idea about college going girl's wardrobe essentials
For every girl that is going to a college it is essential to have a hoodie that bears the name and logo of that institution. If they do not have one, they might as well not study over there. The combination of leggings and sweatshirts is a delectable one especially one where it is cool throughout the year and cold in the winters.

Crop tops
A lot of college girls wear crop tops. In fact, it would come as a surprise to many but most girls do not know how to wear one till the time they get to the college and see other girls wearing it as well. A lot of girls wear it during the weekends as well.

Day-to-night dresses  
Quite often it so happens that the schedule at college accumulates pretty quickly. It could be short on one day but reach gargantuan proportions on the very next. There could also be important meetings and homework that come in and swell things up. This is why it is important to have clothes that can be worn round the day.

Sweaters and cardigans
The kind of cardigans and sweaters that a young girl wears to college will depend on her style sense and the kind of statement that they wish to make. However, they are essential for the college-going girl. It is always good to have various kinds of cardigans and sweaters in one’s wardrobe.

When college-going girls have a few scarves in their arsenal it only adds to their college wardrobe. It adds quantity and adds value as well. These scarves can be in bright colours and various patterns, and they should be good enough to add zest and zing to the life of the girl who is wearing them. They can be worn together with tees and sweaters.    

Saturday, January 21, 2017

8 stylish Traditional Pongal outfits to dressup in this season

India is a country that is known for its many colorful festivals that spread joy among all members of the family and society. These festivals not only sing the praise of the gods but also celebrate the harvest season and the powers of nature. One of the festivals that are celebrated with great pomp and glory in south India is the Pongal. Pongal is a traditional festival that celebrates the harvest season as well as the powers of nature that produce great crops. It is a major festival in south India that is celebrated by the local people with great ardor. People not only worship the gods but also exchange gifts, eat delicious food and dress up in the best outfits.

Here are some of the outfits that are popularly worn during the festival of Pongal.

Half sarees
Half sarees are extremely popular clothing options for women in south India who love to wear them in almost all major festivals. Therefore it is needless to say that these outfits make a major part of a woman’s wardrobe during the festival of Pongal. As known by the name of Pavadadavani, the traditional form of half saree includes a dupatta, long flared skirt and a choli or a top. Since the dupatta in this outfit is draped like a saree style, it is known as a half saree.

Anarkali suits
Anarkali suits are another popular option for women who love to look great on the festive occasion of Pongal. For some women, this is the perfect outfit for this season as it takes less time to wear. While wearing a saree requires a woman to fix the pallu and the pleats, an Anarkali suit can be worn quite easily without any difficulty.

Beautiful Festive Wear Outfits Online
Kanjeevaram silk sarees
South Indian women simply love to dress themselves up in gorgeous silk Kanjeevaram sarees during any festival, and the Pongal is no different to this rule. These sarees stand out for their rich artwork of silver and gold threads, which makes them extremely stylish and fashionable. Any woman would simply love to dress herself up in a colorful Kanjeevaram silk saree and then combine it with some gold jewelry items.

Kasavu sarees
The Kasavu sarees or Kerala sarees are graceful south Indian white outfits that are known for their unmatched elegance. These sarees do not have any embroidery done on the borders. The sarees can be combined with white gajra which can be worn on the hairs.

Cotton salwar kameez
For those who would want to dress simple on this day of Pongal, a cotton salwar kameez can be the best choice. There are many colors and designs that a woman can choose from and the salwar kameez can also be combined with matching jewelry. This dress allows women to create a simple but elegant look.

Art silk sarees
Art silk sarees are colorful sarees that are nowadays considered extremely trendy. They are known for their artistic prints. These sarees are preferred by many women as they are quite lightweight and comfortable.

For men, Angavastram remains an important piece of clothing that they wear with their Pongal attire. This is a two-piece cloth that is made from pure silk or pure cotton. Angavastram with zari is often seen as a sign of classic royalty.

The dhoti is a classic Indian traditional outfit that is worn by men during special occasions like Pongal. It is a seven yards long clothing made from pure silk or cotton fabrics and is wrapped around waist and legs. It can be combined with a shirt or a kurta to create a nice look. 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Why hand woven silk saree is too much costly?

Silk sarees are some of the most beautiful garments that any woman can wear. They are not only known for their royal and majestic beauty but also for the comfort that they provide when they are worn for long hours. Since these sarees have been in production in India for thousands of years, different styles have come up over the years that only bring greater versatility to this ageless piece of cloth. Every part of India is known for the unique type and variety of silk saree that it produces. It is therefore no wonder that the silk sarees are also some of the costliest garments that are currently available in the country.

There are a number of reasons due to which silk sarees are priced so highly in India. First and foremost, creating a hand woven silk saree is no small feat. At first, silk threads are reared from silk worms and their cocoons. This is a process that often takes several days. Around 50000 cocoons are used for making a single silk saree. To feed these silkworms, it takes about one to two tons of fresh mulberry leaves. The type of silk that is produced by the silkworms also depends on the specie itself. For instance, Anetheraea mylitta, Antheraea pernyi and Antheraea yamamai are silkworms that are used for making tussar silk. The Philosamia ricini and Philosamia Cynthia varieties are used for making eri silk sarees. The Antheraea assama is a silkworm that produces muga silk, a unique type of silk thread of golden yellow color. The rearing and harvesting of the silk threads is also an important factor when it comes to determining the quality of the threads.
Hand Woven Silk Sarees of Odisha
Once the threads are gathered, they are then worked on by the artisans and craftsmen of India who weave the threads to make unique pieces of silk sarees. This weaving is also a time consuming task and takes a lot of effort on the part of the artisans. Depending on the nature of the silk threads, the artisans make use of different methods and techniques to produce the sarees and put color on them. Such work takes a lot of effort and careful precision. It is due to such factors that silk sarees come at a much higher price than other forms of garments. A woman wearing these sarees also need to take special care of these sarees to make sure that they remain as good as new for many years.

There is another important reason why silk sarees have always fetched a high price compared to other sarees. The silk fabric has always been associated with a sense of royalty. While cotton sarees were always meant to be worn for everyday occasions, the silk sarees were worn mainly for special occasions such as weddings or religious ceremonies. Even today, women choose to wear them as their bridal outfits on their wedding days. The silk sarees have also been popularized by the queens and princesses of the Indian monarchy that ruled different parts of India over thousands of years.

At present, silk sarees are designed in a wide range of unique styles that cater to the fashion needs of modern women. Even though these sarees come with a high price tag, women in India simply love to splurge on them as they are not only great to wear but also a source of great pride. In fact, any fashion conscious woman has at least a few pieces of silk sarees in her collection that she can wear for special occasions. The glamour that is associated with these sarees help a woman to always stand out in a crowd. 

Friday, January 6, 2017

Share your ideas about Wearing handloom the latest trend?

India has always had a long tradition of handloom industry. For thousands of years, handlooms have been developed in different parts of the country and the fabrics that have been generated through these handlooms have been used for the purpose of making clothes and garments that are worn by women and men in this country. Over the years, many new trends of clothing has emerged and people are nowadays more open to experimentation than ever before. However, the glory of our handloom industry still continues to be strong and it has a dominant impact on the fashion trends of India.

Ever since the fashion industry in India started to become an organized sector over the last few decades, a number of well known fashion designers have come forward with the aim to make the most efficient use of handlooms that are developed. Apart from working on these handlooms and giving them their own creative touch, these fashion designers also had the additional objective of taking Indian fashion into the world stage. Thanks to these acclaimed fashion designers, India is currently one of the most important fashion centers of the world, with a clothing style and philosophy that is very distinct and unique. This has not only allowed India to leave its own strong impression in the world of fashion but has also inspired designers from other parts of the world to come forward and explore what Indian handlooms can do for them.

Handloom Garment is the first choice of every celeb
While at one point of time, the garments that were made by using the handlooms in India were limited in their style and range, women and men in India can now have access to a wide range of clothing items that allow them to experiment with their looks. The design and colors of these garments have improved to a significant degree and this has encouraged a whole new generation of buyers and consumers in India embrace Indian handlooms. More men and women are now wearing clothes that are made from Indian handlooms. The rich texture of the fabric and the bright colors certainly make the wearers stand out in a crowd. The garments are further improved by the designers who put their own creative touch to make them unique and different.

Since there is now a growing trend among young men and women in India to wear handloom clothing, many manufacturing companies have come forward with the sole aim of catering to a fast growing market. The young men and women in India love clothes that are dynamic in their design and clothing manufacturers leave no stone unturned to create highly fashionable clothes that go well with different types of festive occasions. The handloom garments may come in a wide range of fabrics such as silk, cotton, polyester and other types. Special care is taken to make sure that the fabrics feel smooth to the skin so that they keep the wearers relaxed and comfortable for long hours. It is factors such as these that have increased the popularity of these clothes over time.

The widespread demand for handloom clothing in India as well as in other parts of the world has also encouraged the online stores in India to develop extensive collections of these products. Nowadays one can easily buy the finest quality handloom clothes from a reputable online store at the click of a button. These stores keep extensive handloom sareees and salwar kameez for women as well as shirts and kurtas for men that allow them to explore their style sense. The online stores have also played a special role in popularizing the trend of handloom clothing among the young and urban crowd in India.          

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What are the different styles of kurtis available for women in India?

As far as style and fashion go, women in India are not to be left behind. Fashion in India can be primarily divided into two major groups – Indian and western. For women who are more inclined to wearing Indian dresses, kurtis are an automatic pick. It is estimated that almost 29 different types of kurtis are worn by women of various age groups in this country.

Tail Cut Kurti

You can wear a tail cut kurti featuring a layered pattern at occasions such as parties and functions. It is short either on the front or on the back. The longer side normally looks like a tail and this is why this kurti is known as such. As far as young Indian women are concerned this has got to be a best option in the western wear category. If you want a really-glamourous look you can wear the kurti without any bottom piece. Apart from parties you can also wear this to dates, to the college, as casual wear and even on festive occasions. You should definitely not wear it at formal dos.

You can wear this kurti if you are tall and have an hourglass-like figure. However, even if you are rectangular in shape or are built like a pear you can still give these a try. It is a short kurti that should not be worn below knee length. If your body shape is like an inverted A, or like that of an apple you should ideally give this a miss. 

You can pair it with any of the following:
  •     Leggings
  •     Jeggings and Treggings
  •     Bottomless
  •     Stockings
  •     Jeans
  •     Ethnic Jackets

Hand Painted Patachitra Kurti Online

Following are the accessories that can be worn with it:
  •     Stoles
  •     Jhumkis
  •     Dangle Earrings
  •     Stud Earrings
  •     Cuff Bracelets
  •     Bags  such as Clutch and Sling Bags

You can team the following footwear with such kurtis:
  •     Sandals
  •     Ankle Strap Heels
  •     Peeptoes
  •     Chappals
  •     Wedges
  •     Pumps
  •     Juttis

It is normally available in the following materials:
  •     Cotton
  •     Polyester
  •     Rayon
  •     Georgette
  •     Crepe
  •     Poly Georgette

A-Line Kurti

Youngsters normally prefer these very much. It can go down to your ankle or calf depending on how tall you are. It also flares from waist down thus creating a panel that looks like an A. These days you will find plenty of such kurtis in the market in various colours, embroidery designs, shades, and patterns. You can also wear it to various occasions such as the tail cut kurtis.

Such kurtis can normally be worn by women and girls who have a pear-shaped body or a rectangular shape, apart from women with an hourglass shape. Women who have wide shoulders, or are shaped like an inverted triangle or apple should avoid such kurtis. It is available in all kinds of fabric. 

You can pair it with the following:
  •     Leggings
  •     Churidar
  •     Jeggings
  •     Jeans
  •     Patiala
  •     Matching or contrasting Capri
  •     Tights
  •     Dhoti Pants

You can wear the following accessories with this one:
  •     Stud Earrings
  •     Jhumkis
  •     Dangle Earrings
  •     Chain Pendants
  •     Wooden Bangles
  •     Delicate Bracelets
  •     Leather Strap Watch
  •     Bags  such as Clutch, Sling Bags, Hand Bags, etc.

The following footwear can be worn with it:
  •          Sandals
  •          Bellies
  •          Pumps
  •          Kolhapuris
  •          Mojri

Following are some other kinds of kurtis found in India:
  •          Trail cut kurti
  •          Princess cut kurti
  •          Anarkali kurti
  •          Asymmetric kurti
  •          Angrakha kurti
  •          C-cut kurti
  •          Dhoti style kurti
  •          Tulip kurti
  •          Flared kurti
  •          Overlay kurti
  •          Indo-western style kurti
  •          Double layered kurti
  •          Floor length/gown style kurti
  •          Reversible kurti
  •          Long straight kurti
  •          Pintuck kurti
  •          Pakistani kurti
  •          Slit kurti
  •          Colour-block kurti
  •          Denim kurti
  •          Printed kurti                                             
  •          Kurti with jacket
  •          Shirt kurti
  •          Kaftan style kurti
  •          High-low kurti
  •          Empire waist kurti
  •      Tiered kurti

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What are the Popular Bridal Silk Sarees looking for Every Indian Brides

The look of an Indian bride will never be complete without a beautiful and luxuriously designed silk saree. For hundreds of years, the silk material has been associated with elegance and royalty and therefore it is always the first choice in a woman’s mind when she is looking to buy her wedding outfit. The beauty, shimmer, grace and preciousness that is associated with silk is practically unmatched by any other material. Over the years, silk sarees has emerged as a major fashion statement among women in all parts of the country as well as in international territories. Different types of silk sarees are used in different occasions. The bridal silk sarees which are worn by women in India on their special day of wedding have always been known for their illustrious beauty and attractiveness. Whether a woman chooses to wear the classic Solah Shringaar bridal wear or the modern interpretation of silk saree, she can just never go wrong with these garments.

Silk sarees provide with a richness and lush to the look of the bride that adds to her overall beauty in more ways than one. They can look both classic and modern, thus having a timeless appeal of their own. Most Indian brides prefer wearing these sarees as they perfectly go well with the culture and regional ideas of their region while at the same time allow a woman to present herself in a unique manner. Here are some of the most popular forms Indian bridal sarees.

Stunning Sambalpuri Silk Sarees for Bridal Wear
Kanjivaram Silk Sarees: Kanjivaram Silk Sarees or Kanchipuram silk sarees are some of the most well known bridal silk sarees that a woman can ever have. Originating in the Kanchipuram city of Tamil Nadu, it is a traditionally woven silk saree that is known for its majestic finish and intricate artwork. It is often considered to be the best saree created in South India. The sarees are also distinguished by their stylish wide contrast borders made in temple styles, stripes, checks, floral patterns and a number of other designs. These sarees are also famous for their highly beautiful, rich and complex hand-woven work, intricate and beautiful color patterns as well as the materials used, such as zari with gold threads.

Banarasi Silk Sarees: The Banarasi Silk Sarees are definitely the most widely preferred sarees among brides in North India. The sarees are perfectly handcrafted by using silver and gold threads which gives them a royal look. Not only it makes the wearer look extremely beautiful and gorgeous but it also makes her feel confident about her own inner beauty. The patterns and designs of the Banarasi Silk Sarees are largely influenced by the Mughal arts and culture as well as Persian and Hindu artistic themes. The sarees also come adorned with different types of heavy embroideries and ethnic embellishments, which together make them ideal bridal outfits in their own right.

Mysore Silk Sarees: The Mysore Silk Sarees are quite famous for their classic and ethereal beauty. They are made by using only the finest quality raw materials such as yarn and the gold threads. The sarees enjoy widespread popularity among brides, particularly those pieces of Mysore Silk Sarees that are woven with the zari threads, bold and broad borders as well as shimmering designs. Yellow and green are the most preferred colors when it comes to these sarees being used as bridal wears.

Paithani Silk Sarees: The Paithani Silk Sarees are widely popular for their uniquely thin and semi-transparent look along with their subtly graceful fall. They are a specialty of Maharashtra and are loved by brides mainly for their superb elegance and lavish beauty. 

Friday, December 23, 2016

Some predictions of online shopping trend in India 2017

The ecommerce industry in India is expanding at a rapid rate and in 2017 we are likely to see a range of new developments that are likely to encourage people in this country even more to embrace online shopping. A number of trends are soon to emerge in Indian ecommerce scenario that is going to improve the prospects of online shopping for customers all around the country. Here is a look at the probable trends that we are likely to see in 2017.

Greater number of payment options
While cash on delivery or COD really helped to popularize the idea of online shopping in India, there will be a number of mobile payment gateways in the coming year that is going to change the way people pay for the goods that they buy from online stores. These payment gateways are not only going to make online payments even more secure than ever before but also provide great opportunities for customers to avail special discounts and offers.

Greater prevalence of mobile shopping
More online businesses are looking to encourage shoppers to use their mobiles when they need to buy something from an ecommerce store. Many customers also prefer the idea of carrying out their purchases from their mobiles as it offers them greater flexibility. Companies are also investing their resources to promote their products on various mobile sites and apps which can increase the number of sales over a given period of time. Mobile ecommerce shopping also provides people with greater flexibility to choose their delivery pick up points.

Bringing down friction levels in shopping
Omnichannel shopping websites are now geared to present their customers with a completely frictionless shopping experience. This is not only going to encourage customers to buy goods from online stores but also make use of offline  touch points when they need to buy their goods.

Predictions of 2017's Online Shopping Trend in India
In-store mobile devices will become more popular
Mobile devices like in-store tablets and mPOS systems can facilitate ease of the checkout process, make faster payments and improve the overall customer experience. This is certainly going to improve ecommerce industry, especially since the whole country is now trying to adjust with the effects of demonetization. 

Machine learning is going to change ecommerce forever
Machine learning is a method through which the computer is able to process large amounts of data and discover patterns within them that can be used for analyzing new data. With time, a machine learning system gets more systematic and efficient and it can improve the scope of the big data analytics which can help companies to provide all relevant information to the right users at the most well suited time. Most ecommerce stores that also have their own retail outlets are nowadays using this method to better serve their customers.

Creating a seamless mixture of online as well as offline data collection
As customers nowadays make use of multiple channels to learn about products and make their purchasing decisions, it is necessary to have proper systems in place that allow online as well as offline data collection and analysis. More companies in 2017 are going to analyze their online as well as offline data together. This is going to provide them with a better picture of the preferences of their customers.

Effective usage of product catalogs
Companies operating in the ecommerce industry are going to realize that it is not just hoarding the maximum number of merchandise that is going to boost their sales but the right kind of products that is going to appeal to their target customers. This is also going to increase the importance of careful market surveys.

Monday, December 19, 2016

What are the different Ideas of Handmade New Year Party Invitation cards?

The New Year 2017 party is just around the corner and people all over the world are now getting ready for this big day. Already people are making plans for this special event and one of the best ways to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new one is to throw a party that will be attended by many people who can enjoy their fullest on the last day of the year. In order to invite people to the special occasion of the party of the year, you need to come up with invitations that ask all of your friends, relatives and loved ones to come to your party and have the best time of their lives. While you can always buy readymade invitation cards from online stores to ask everyone to come to your party, a better way to achieve the same goal would be to send handmade New Year party invitation cards that would really show them that you really care for them.

While the actual part of designing and creating the New Year party invitation cards is simple, the more difficult part of the task is to come up with attractive ideas for the event that would appeal to your invitees and encourage them to be a part of this special event. Here are some cool ideas for you to consider when you are looking to come up with striking card designs for your New Year party invitations.
Handmade New Year Party Invitation Card
  • Create a silver shimmery card that says Happy New Year by creating an upper leaf which consists of the letters further adorned with stones trimming. You can choose to have the upper leaf completely white, get it in a wide range of attractive shades or even come up with your own patterns and designs that make your card unique.
  • Floral designs and patterns never go out of style and they are also quite popular on the event of New Year celebrations. You can use these floral prints in a myriad of ways to create attractive New Year invitation cards. Fill up the entire length of your card with floral images and frills or artfully create them at certain specific parts of the card’s upper leaf.
  • Cartoonish and overtly comical cards have been the rage over the last few years. You can come up with unique designs of your choice by using smiley flowers, fruits, bees and bugs decorations in generous doses or large impressions. For the body of the cards themselves, you can choose the classic white or any other kind of attractive shade that goes well with the occasion.
  • Glimmers and shiny elements can create an ethereal and out of the world look for your New Year invitation card. You can add gleaming stars and moon in golden or silver shades and accentuate the look of the card by writing Happy New Year in an attractive font style.
  • Another popular choice for unique Happy New Year party card designs would be sketched images and impressions that express the spirit of partying and merriment. You can choose your own motifs and elements when you are creating these cards, although the most popular ones include clicking champagne glasses, balloons, flowers, ribbons and sketched individuals.
  • A good way to create a fun and flirty Happy New Year invitation card would be to make use of party jokes and humor as the headlining factor of your invitation. You can additionally draw in images of balloons and merriment that convey a festive mood.
  • Create small paper cuts of heart signs, flowers and other objects and add them with glue on surface of the main invitation card to create a unique design.