Saturday, July 14, 2018

Car Festival Rath Yatra Puri 2018

Everyone knows about Rathyatra Puri Lord Jagannath. One of the most important festivals held in Odisha and all over the world, Jagannath Rath Yatra is annual festival(Car Festival) which celebrated in the month of June and July. It dedicated to Lord Jagannath, his sister Goddess Subhadra and his elder brother Lord Balabhadra. 

Puri BadaDanda

Why Car festival(Rathytra) Celebrated?

Every year Rath Yatra is held in Puri. It believed that after Snana Purnima all three deities fall in fever, that's the way they want to take some rest. During the fever time or Anasara Period, the devotees cannot see their Lord. After 15 days, three deities Sit in their Rath and visit his aunt's house(Mausi), Gundicha Temple. That is the Car Festival.

The Rathas have Large wooden wheels which are built a new every year. 
The chariot( Ratha) of Lord Jagannath is about 45 feet high and 35 feet broad and takes about two months to construct it. The wheels are about two meters in diameter.

Pulling the Large rope connecting to the rath-chariot is considered as a holy act, and thousands of devotee participate in pulling the chariots, and it will be equal for several religious people.

Best Quality wood from trees like phassi, dhausa, etc. are used for chariot(Ratha) construction. No other wood is allowed.

Lord Jagannatha's chariot is called "Nandighosa", and our Lord identified with Lord Krishna; hence the chariot is marked with yellow with red stripes on the canopy of this chariot which has sixteen wheels, each of seven-foot diameter. Lord Jagannath wears the Traditional Yellow Khandua Pata which was weaved in Odisha Nuapatna. Lord Jagannath Loves the Yellow colour too much.

The chariot of Lord Balarama called the "Taladhwaja", and the Ratha covered with red and Green cloth. 

The chariot of Goddess Subhadra, known as "Dwarpadalana"; hence the chariot is covered with black stripes and red. This chariot has twelve wheels. 

Thus, Puri Rath Yatra is a such a colourful and devotional festival marked with full happiness and enjoyment. Thousands of people, while pulling the three ratha in BadaDanda, everyone forget their religious and call to Lord Jagannath in full devotional. Everyone tell everyday devotee to go to the temple to visit our Lord universe Jai Jagannath but on the special Ghosa Jatra Lord Jagannath come from the temple to rath to visit their Bhakta. 

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Why fashion has become a nationalist cause in India?

In the last 20 years India’s economy has taken some strides and moved ahead at an appreciable speed. This has got plenty of the top brands of the world interested even as they have attempted to make a space for themselves in this market. At the forefront of India’s economic growth have been factors like the high percentage of youth in the country’s population and the increased spending power and propensity of the middle class. India is in fact said to have one of the highest number of youths in its population. This is why they would have hoped that India would be their next big market but sadly for them that has not been the case.

Protectionist policies?
A number of prominent media houses such as the New York Times have blamed this on what they have perceived to be protectionist policies being adopted by the national government. They have pointed out how India has stalled talks of a free trade agreement (FTA) with the European Union since 2007. They have also pointed out that the growth of Hindu nationalist politics, enshrined by the likes of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) that came to power in the 2014 national elections, has put paid to what could have a promising growth story for India.

Is BJP to blame?
These entities have further stated that ever since BJP ascended to power it has forced to promote traditional Indian styles of clothing over their Western counterparts and that too in an aggressive manner. They have pointed out that these efforts are in keeping with the greater political program of the party – to project a picture of India, a country with many faiths and 1.3 billion people, as a Hindu nation. These media houses have also blamed Narendra Modi in this regard. They have also critiqued Modi for the role that they think he has played in all this.
Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi with Indian Attire
The opinion on Modi
These media houses feel that with Modi, whom they have termed a “strongman of Hindu nationalism”, as the Prime Minister of India, the fears have come true to a large extent – the fears that under Modi and BJP India would enter a phase of in your face nationalism. In order to substantiate their claims these entities have also pointed out the instances of minorities being lynched just because of the perceived disrespect they have shown to cows, an animal sacred to Hindus. They have also pointed out how the critics of Modi have been demarcated as anti nationals.

Dealing with the anti nationals         
These media entities have also stated that some of these so called anti nationals have been killed by Hindu nationalists. In some of these cases the victims have been shot dead. They have stated that fashion has not been left out in this case either. Modi, according to them, has changed how fashion is thought of in India. He has made traditional dresses well nigh mandatory and since so many people are willing to please him the fashion industry has followed suit as well.

Link between nationalism and fashion
Tereza Kuldova, a noted social anthropologist, has stated that there is a rather clear connection between the aesthetic production being done by the leading fashion designers of India and the rising tide of nationalism that seems to be sweeping the country right now. In fact, Kuldova, who in 2016 wrote a book named Luxury Indian Fashion: A Social Critique, has stated that this is applicable for the wider luxury industry of India as such. According to her, there is always an inherent tendency of aesthetic production to follow the dominant ideology in any given society.    

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Festive Look of Stunning Tamanna Bhatia

Ethereal beauty Tamanna Bhatia is in cloud nine after her super successful stints in the superhit moneyspinners Bahubali series. Though she has been a successful star in South Indian movies for more than a decade, it is only in recent times that she has been lauded by the audience across the nation. Unfortunately, her experience with Bollywood has not been a pleasant one, since Himmatwala, Humshakal and Entertainment failed to make any mark, but she got complete attention by the mass for her looks and acting prowess. Post Bahubali, she is enjoying stardom at the national as well as international level due to which people are now keen to know what Tamanna Bhatia is wearing this festive season, how is she accessorizing her attire and everything related to her looks. So here goes a little report on the festive look of Tamanna Bhatia.

For Ganesh Chaturthi

On the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, Tamanna was seen attending a public event sporting a cropped top with long flowing skirt and teamed it up with floral print long jacket. A statement necklace for accessory and wavy untied tresses completed her festive look. She looked every inch comfortable in this Label Anushree creation and looked sorted out for all her activities of the day.
Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in her home. On Day 1, she wore an off white sequined three quarter sleeve Chinese collared kurta with plain churidar and no dupatta. Stone and pearl stud jhumkas in ears and a bracelet in left wrist with untied straight hair gave her a girl next door look and she looked absolutely adorable.

Tamanna Bhatia 's Ganesh Chaturthi look
For Navratri Celebration

Tamanna chose a complete ethnic look for Navratri, hence she was spotted in a heavily worked maroon Anarkali for a Navratri function that was held in Nizamabad. She carried her attire really gracefully. Her neckline was her necklace and the long danglers in her ears happily enjoyed the limelight. She looked like a diva in this beautiful Indo-western fusion dress designed by Nikhil Thampi. It is true that a dress looks beautiful only when it is carried in the way it is meant to be, and no one does it better than very beautiful Tamanna Bhatia.
For an event, she chose a raw mango green lehenga. The intrinsic golden thread work woven into the dress gave it a royal touch. She completely nailed the look with a heavy necklace, matching jhumka and gajra in her bun. The kohled eyes and a small black bindi created a dichotomy with the apparent simplicity of her face and regal lehenga. It will be more than enough to say that this style statement is going to be a trendsetter.

For another dandia event in Mumbai which Tamannana Bhatia graced with her presence, she wore a rose pink South Indian silk saree with golden thread work in the border and pallu. She teamed it up with a beautiful heavy gold necklace and matching jhumka. Work at border and pallu was simple and so was her complete look, only highlight being the necklace. Her look was quite in contrast with the crowd gathered around her who tried to look best in their best attires. She conveniently stole the show with the simple look.

On Onam

On Onam she attended an event in a white silk saree in which the crushed golden border was between the piping of red and green fabric on either sides. Matching red raw silk blouse with the same border and traditional south Indian jewelry and red lipstick made her look like a goddess.

Tamanna Bhatia is a treat to eyes in everything she wears. Basically whether it is her ethnic look, festive look or the casual airport look, she carries it with such deft that we are left wondering which look suits her best- western casual or Indian traditional. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Designer Handloom saree - A must have for your Wardrobe in this Festival

Women in India have always felt a strong connection to the attire of saree. This garment has not only defined Indian culture for hundreds and thousands of years but have also bore testament to the evolving socio cultural belief systems of the subcontinent. Therefore it is no wonder that the saree is the favorite piece of garment for the women in India especially for the festive season and pujas. Most women prefer to buy a range of sarees in different styles for this special time of the year so that they may look great. This has led saree brands and designers come up with their own distinct collections for the festive season.
One of the types of sarees that has captured the imagination of women in India in the recent times is certainly the designer sarees. Unlike the traditional sarees, these sarees incorporate a number of new experimental motifs and elements that make them different from standard sarees. They are also called designer sarees as they are mainly created by professional designers who can make use of their unique creative ideas when it comes to designing the look and feel of these sarees. Designer sarees are known to be extremely gorgeous and charismatic. 

The season of festival is currently upon us and with that there is now an increased demand for stylish and beautiful designer handloom sarees. Women of all ages are currently getting ready to deck themselves up with the best quality sarees that they can get for themselves. Numerous designers have already unveiled their season special collections for the festive month. While some of the design concepts and trends that can be seen this year are more or less classical and bear allusions to the styles that have grown more or less a part of the Puja season fashion trends, there are also those that create an interesting mix of new ideas, allowing women to dress up in unique ways and stand out in the crowd.
Designer Sarees of Bollywood Celebrities
A brief look into the style trends of this season is going to reveal that most designers this year preferred to work with colors and come up with interesting mixes between them. Some of the shades that we can expect this season include brighter hues such as red, orange, yellow, crimson, rust and gold along with occasional greens, pastel shades and lavenders. Sarees with extensive draperies are common as are those with elaborate embroidery work. The fabrics that will be dominate this season include classic silk and cotton, but also chiffon, georgette and crepe. Women who are highly fashion conscious and want to create a strong impression can experiment with bold shades. Another good way to look great would be to choose blouses of contrasting shades in comparison with the main saree that is going to highlight the colors even more.

With the festival season merely a few weeks to go, there is now a greater need among women to find the finest quality sarees for themselves. Numerous online stores have already presented their extensive collections for women along with special offers and discount prices that allow them to get the kind of sarees that they want to purchase at pocket friendly rates. The online shopping sites has also made it a lot easier for the busy women of today when they are looking to find top quality sarees that they can proudly add to their personal wardrobe. These online saree stores feature products from some of the leading designers and brands in India which means that women looking for quality products can surely visit them for finding the sarees that they would like.  

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Celebrities look gorgeous in the half saree with Lehengas

Although women in India often choose to wear western outfits for their day to day life and work, they do prefer to get themselves all decked up in traditional clothing when it comes to festivities, weddings and other special occasions. Choosing traditional dresses can be tricky in some cases, as a woman must try to strike a balance between good looks and comfort. After all, a woman who is uncomfortable with what she is wearing will tend to fidget a lot and it can really impact her moods and facial expressions. Among the various types of traditional attire that a woman can try out in special occasions are the half sarees which do bring the elements of the traditional saree but present them playfully in a new manner. Classic half sarees surely have a way to make a woman look stylish and trendy without making her feel uncomfortable.

It is due to such factors that the half saree has become so much popular in the recent times. Patrons of the half saree look often choose to splurge generously to get different types of half saree products for themselves. They are also loved by many of the leading actresses and celebrities of India. A good way to wear the half saree is to create a fusion look by combining it with a lehenga. This can help to create a simple but dynamic fusion look that can allow a woman to stand out in a crowd. A woman may choose to get matching lehengas from a store that goes well with a half saree or even make use of the old lehengas that were present in her wardrobe. Numerous celebrities in India have already presented this stylish fusion look on various red carpet events and it has already created a lot of ripples in the fashion scene of the country. Combining a half saree with a lehenga allows a woman to redefine her traditional look and present it in a totally new way.

Here are some celebrities who have already created a major impact with this fusion look.

Shriya Saran
At a recent sangeet ceremny, Shriya Saran was spotted wearing a gold and red gota attire that was nicely embellished with a lehenga. Just a simple dupatta drape styled in the form of a half saree allowed her to turn her look to a richly traditional Indian one.

Gorgeous Bollywood Celebrities in Half Saree with Lehengas

Rakul Preet Singh
Another celebrity that was also seen in a lehenga look recently was Rakul Preet Singh. She wore a nice half gold and white lehenga along with a net dupatta that helped to enhance her overall ethnic look. Her traditional accessories also played a great role in beautifying her for the occasion.

Raashi Khanna
Raashi Khanna chose to wear a gold and white lehenga and drape it as half saree which allowed her to make a strong statement in a traditional festive event.

Pragya Jaiswal
Pragya Jaiswal surely looked awesome with a vintage lehenga that she wore in the typical half saree style. The outfit can also serve as a perfect garment for a day time reception.

Jacqueline Fernandez
For the 2017 Ganesh festivities that concluded just recently, Jacqueline Fernandez was seen in a nice mustard shaded lehenga that she chose to wear with a half saree draping style.

As the half saree becomes more and more popular, there is now a rising trend among women to make use of the single shaded lehengas that are made with the best quality light weighted fabrics. These lehengas allow women to work with various types of custom drapes as well as accessories for creating classy looks.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Jamdani and Hilsa are the essential things of Bengalis

Bengalis are one of the most important linguistic and ethnic groups of people in India who mostly live in the region of West Bengal. Bangladesh is also a region that is filled with a large segment of Bengali people. Apart from that, the Bengali Diaspora is found in many parts of the world, including Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the United Kingdom, the United States, Pakistan, Canada, Japan, the Middle East, Singapore and Italy. Over the centuries, the Bengalis have played a very important role in the cultural development of India. Many notable freedom fighters, poets, artists, linguistic experts, historians and intellectuals belong to this ethnic group.

The art and craft of Bengal are known for their unique design and look. Just like all other parts of India, Bengal has also developed its very own cultural heritage when it comes to handloom clothing. The handloom weavers in Bengal dedicate long hours of work to come up with fine quality cotton and silk threads that they use to create different types of notable clothing items. Once the threads are properly made, the artisans and handloom experts of Bengal use them to weave fine sarees on which they can then create unique art prints to make them look beautiful. The sarees that are produced in Bengal are known to be extremely beautiful and are worn extensively by women in different parts of India and the rest of the world.

Jamdani Saree and Hilsa Fish both are preferable choice of Bengalis
One of the sarees that is made in Bengal is certainly the Jamdani saree. Originally the Jamdani saree was made with rich quality muslin fabric that was prepared in the Dhaka region of Bangladesh. These sarees has had a long association with the cultural evolution of the Bengalis. Although the jamdani industry went through a major downturn during the middle of 19th century, it has now made a comeback in the fashion scene of India. High quality Jamdani cotton and silk sarees are worn by women in Bengal and the rest of India for a wide range of social occasions and events. Jamdani sarees are known to be extremely beautiful and colorful, with popular motifs such as panna hajar, butidar, kalka, tersa, fulwar, duria, jalar and charkona.  

Apart from the clothing industry, Bengalis have also left a rich impact in the culinary habits of this region of India. Over the years, Bengali cuisine has developed its own unique identity, with many of the Bengali dishes having a lasting impression on people. One of them is certainly the Hilsa fish. Also known as Ilish to the Bengalis, the hilsa is literally the most popular fish for the Bengalis and it has had a very important influence in the food habits and culture of the Bengali people. During the rainy season in Bengal, which is around the months of August and September, families in all parts of Bengal enjoy the hilsa fish by cooking them in a number of different ways.

Shorshe ilish, a dish that is prepared by cooking smoked ilish with a paste of mustard seed is considered to be a perennial favorite with the Bengalis. Other preparations, such as Ilish fry, Ilish macher curry, doi ilish and ilish bhape are also extremely popular. The widespread popularity of ilish in Bengal has led many restaurants and eateries to produce their own ilish menu during this time of the year. Ilish festival is carried out in different parts of Bengal that allows people to eat this fish in a number of different preparations. Many auspicious occasions are actually celebrated with jora ilish which is actually a pair of hilsa fishes. This certainly explains the fervent popularity that Hilsa enjoys in Bengal.      

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Bollywood diva Shilpa Shetty's handloom love

Shilpa Shetty is one of the most successful actresses of Bollywood who has had a long illustrious career. The leggy actress hit the tinsel town during the early 90s and ever since then she has made a strong mark for herself with a series of successful films. Movies like Baazigar, Main Khiladi Tu Anari, Dhadkan, Phir Milenge and Life in a... Metro allowed her to prove her own unique talents as a skilled actress. She was also the winner of the UK reality television show Celebrity Big Brother 5 held in 2007. Over the years, this actress has also established herself as one of the leading fashion figures of the Indian film industry. Her versatile and high energy fashion sense has been praised both in India and abroad. Her sense of style has influenced countless girls in all parts of the world. This makes her one of the most important fashion figures to look forward to.   

For the longest time, Shilpa Shetty has been a staple in various events, parties, award functions, weddings and red carpet events. This has naturally made people stand up and take notice of what Shilpa Shetty is wearing in these important occasions. Shilpa Shetty has time and again expressed her strong love for traditional Indian handloom clothing. She believes that Indian handloom garments are some of the best clothing materials in the world as they are versatile, comfortable and uniquely stylish. It is therefore not surprising that she has an extensive wardrobe that is filled with beautiful handloom garments that are crafted by numerous designers that regularly work with handloom fabrics. 
Shilpa Shetty always like handloom sarees
In the recent times, ethnic fashion has become majorly popular as plenty of women choose to sport handloom sarees for various occasions. It is due to celebrities like Shilpa Shetty who chose to make a major fashion statement for herself by wearing ethereal and gorgeous handloom sarees. Shilpa Shetty is known to wear the six yard garment with an unusual élan and panache that makes her the star of any social gathering. She is not just known to sport a beautiful look with a great saree but she can also choose her accessories well in order to enhance the charm of the traditional Indian sarees. Here is a brief look at some of sarees that have been sported by Shilpa Shetty so far.
  •  The unusually tall and leggy physique of Shilpa Shetty makes it possible for her to sport any saree with grace and look quite unique in them. She can be seen in a nice flaming orange georgette draping saree that allows her to boost her glamour quotient to a great extent. She also wears a sexy choli in matching shades, a fine bindi, a great hairstyle along with minimal makeup that makes this look just perfect. She has also used a chunky silver oxidized necklace as a gorgeous and sexy kamarband that makes this look stand out from others.
  •  While Shilpa Shetty has gathered a reputation for her ethnic chic look for quite some time, the new look with a peach cream saree has really helped her to crank it up a notch. The saree stands out for its paisley embroidery and unique mermaid styled drapes. The nicely embellished net blouse together with a perfectly matching bodice helped to complete this sassy look.
  • Pastels are some of the most favorite shades that Shilpa Shetty likes to wear and it is easy to see why. Here in this gorgeous pastel saree, Shilpa Shetty makes a strong appearance by choosing an attire with delicate lace work along with floral patch work along the borders which gives the saree an ethereal feel.  

Monday, August 21, 2017

Bridal silk saree combination that will suit one and all

The most important thing in your wedding shopping as a lady is the saree that you are going to wear on the big day. Truth to be told, it is definitely something that does deserve this level of attention. However, at times, this attention could be too much as well. This is especially true when you have a lot of people in your ears at all times giving you options without you asking for it.

Gold and red
One of the best combinations of silk saree that you can have for your wedding is gold and red. In fact, as far as bridal wear is concerned a golden silk saree for the biggest day yet of your ticket could make sure that you get all the attention that you are the cynosure of all eyes. You can make it even more colourful by adding some colour to it. The best way to do it is by wearing something in red. There are several ways to do this. You can add a red border to your golden wedding silk saree. This will be an excellent step from a traditional point of view. At the same time you can also pair your completely golden saree with a red blouse. This will make it contemporary and cool, and yet traditional.

Blue and red
This is also one combination that really works wonders for your wedding saree. A lot of women out there prefer royal blue or MS blue – it is their favourite. You can definitely add some red to it and make things better. You can easily pick up a heavy border blue and red saree on this special day of your lives. You can be sure that it would look awesome.

Traditional hand woven Bridal Silk Sarees
Green and pink
Green and pink is a rare combination and fresh as well. If you are someone who wishes things to be unconventional then this combination of green, which happens to be an evergreen colour, and pink is really worth it. You can make things really interesting by wearing jewellery made of gold or stone with a saree in this colour combination. There are some fashion experts who would suggest that you can wear a dark green saree that comes with a border in hot pink border. You may also try a leaf or parrot green saree that comes with a rani pink border.
Yellow and pink
This is once again a colour combination for the youth of today because it is so vivacious and vibrant at the same time. You can wear a saree that is of bright and light yellow colour and has a gorgeous pink border to go with it. One of the biggest advantages of these kinds of colour combinations is that it would suit most of the body types out there as well as skin tones. The hue of pink depends on the hue of yellow that you are choosing. Most of the designers out there like to wear a saree that is neat yellow in colour and has a healthy pink border. It should have plenty of zari as well.  

Red and green
If you are still in doubt as to what colour combination you should choose then you can definitely go for this combination as well. You can always choose a red bridal saree that has a green border. This way, you can make sure that you are keeping the tradition alive and breaking the monotony as well. In the end it needs to be said that all these colour combinations would suit most of the skin tones and body types out there. This way, you will also not have to worry about how you would look on this big day.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sonam Kapoor sari draping styles gives an unique look

One of the various saree draping styles that you see wearing Sonam Kapoor quite often is a buttoned up jacket embellished blouse. In fact, a lot of fashion experts say that this is the best looking ensemble that they can think of. It also goes without saying that she looks absolutely stunning in such an ensemble. This is a layered look that she goes for when she drapes her saree like that and for that she normally dons a high neck buttoned blouse that matches the saree that she is wearing.

The jackets that she wears are shimmering and embellished as well and it goes without saying that they look just amazing on her. The hairstyle to go with this also reflects her impeccable fashion sense since it is not only off her face but her dress as well. This means that all the attention is on her new dress only.

Double pallu
This is an interesting new style as well. It is rare to see anyone else rock the double pallu the way that she does. She does this by draping two sarees of a similar shade in a seamless manner and this is something that you can do as well. You can also follow the other technique that she uses in these cases. You can add a dupatta that is a similar hue – it can be in a contrasting hue as well – on the other shoulder and get this look if you want to. 

Sonam Kapoor's Saree Draping Style
Sheer cape blouse
As far as the look comprising a saree and a sheer nude cape is concerned Sonam Kapoor has nailed it time and again without fail. The entire outfit gets layers thanks to the cape blouse. The embellished blouse also matches the saree’s border and is covered by a sheer cape. In these cases, Sonam Kapoor makes sure that she wears the least possible make up. She also wears traditional jewellery such as choker necklaces as well as clutches that match this particular look. When she drapes her saree this way she normally leaves her hair open but takes care to pull it away from her face. This makes sure that everyone is focusing only on what she is wearing, which is what she would want for sure.

Saree inspired by ruffle dress
This saree that clearly draws inspiration from a ruffle dress is a piece of clothing that only a true fashionista such as Sonam Kapoor wear in public. The outfit gets an edgy look from the sheer laser cut blouse. In these cases she drapes her saree in a way that is quite interesting to say the least. She does not drape the saree over her shoulder. This leaves the blouse open for anyone and everyone to see. In these cases, she also pulls her hair back in what can be called a sleek style. She also wears long and dangling earrings in order to accessorize the look.

Dhoti saree
It is Sonam Kapoor who can be credited for making this style of saree draping a popular one. It is something that no one should forget – it also needs to be remembered that she has inspired plenty of women to go for this style as well. After she wore this saree internet has been flooded with videos that have shown step by step how to wear a saree in this particular style. There are many occasions when she has worn a saree in this way and that too in a chic style. You should go ahead and give it a try as well. Apart from this you can try other styles like molten wire saree and chiffon saree with body jewellery. 

Saturday, August 5, 2017

5 easy tips to wear your handloom salwar dupatta

As far as Indian women are concerned dupatta happens to be an integral part of their dress arsenal. If you are a woman living in India and do not have a dupatta in your wardrobe you can jolly well consider it to be an incomplete one. Dupatta itself happens to be a versatile piece of clothing, and can and does go well with almost everything that you wear. It can make just about any outfit look like a complete one. However, it happens to be a flowy piece of clothing as well and there are times in our lives when handling it becomes quite a responsibility. This is why you need to know some ways in which you can wear it without much problem whatsoever.

Using it as a stole
One of the five ways in which you can wear your handloom salwar dupatta is as a stole. When you drape your dupatta like this you get a look that is modest and stylish at the same time. The best part of all this is that you do not need to worry about it anymore – there are no concerns regarding adjustment that need to be addressed in this case. If you want a style that is sophisticated, and yet carefree, then this is what you should be doing.

Wearing it in choker style
The choker style of wearing the dupatta is highly popular among the younger women. Once again, this style happens to be quite hassle-free as well and yet it adds oodles of grace to the dress that you are wearing. 
Hand woven Dupatta for your ethnic style
The flowy style
This style allows you to show off your dupatta. All you need to do is let it flow on any one side or both the arms if that is how you wish to do it. It is best to pair this style with formal and semi formal anarkali and salwar suits. If your dupatta is a gorgeous one and you wish to show it off then this is the style that you should be going for.

Draping it on your arms
There is no law anywhere in this world that says that you cannot drape your dupatta anywhere else but the neck. When you drape your dupatta on your arm you give it a graceful touch. At the same time it gives you the freedom to experiment with a variety of styles that go very well with the main outfit. If you wish that your outfit be the main centre of attraction – the cynosure of all eyes – then you should definitely go for this style.

Belting it up
If you wish your desi outfit to have an edgy look about it then you can do far worse than belting up your dupatta. For starters, it makes sure that you do not experience any problem whatsoever and also imparts a contemporary feel to proceedings. If you wish to be really bold with your salwar dupatta you can add a chic belt to it and it will definitely rev up your whole look. 

Apart from these there are other ways in which you can wear your handloom salwar dupatta:
  • as ghoonghat or head cover
  • side head cover
  • single shoulder and arm carry
  • double layered drape
  • front fall
  • shawl style drape
  • around your neck
  • low dip head drape
  • pinned on your waist
  • front all covered
  • pinned on your shoulder
  • deep neck drape
  • single shoulder fall
  • centre veil
  • shoulder knot
  • double dupatta drape
  • full back fall
  • cape style
  • diagonal fall
  • side loop
  • full wrapped up

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Why Sonakshi Sinha’s fashion experiment failed in IIFA 2017?

At the Indian International Film Academy (IIFA) Awards 2017 held in New York recently all the top Bollywood actors and actresses were in attendance. As is the case with events of such importance they were all there in their best looks, showing off their best dresses created by the top designers in India. The main aim was to walk the green carpet with plenty of style and class. The Instagram accounts and feeds of these stars too were filled with their photographs as well as selfies taken with adoring fans who had lined up the streets waiting to catch a glimpse of their favourite stars. The weekend itself was a dazzling affair that had all the celebs from the tinsel town doing their very best to shine at the Big Apple. Most of the celebrities put their best foot forward and they went for stylish appearances in order to woo their fans. 
Categories of dressing
As may be expected in these cases people had a field day classifying these celebrities into best dressed and worst dressed categories. Sonakshi Sinha was one person who made the worst dressed list of so many who saw the event either live or on TV or in any other streaming service. All the other lady actresses decided to wear party dresses and gowns that were evidently expensive but Sinha decided to wear a white saree that had a multi coloured pallu. The blouse was strapless as well. While the saree did show off her wonderful figure it brought her some not so pleasant comments on social media sites such as Twitter. At the same time it must also be said that she did make heads turn on the green carpet and if that was what she wanted to achieve then she was successful in that.
Sonakshi Sinha criticised badly for her fashion experiment on IIFA 2017
Colouring the town blond
In what can be called a brave decision – given the frequency with which she is targeted by the fashion police – Sinha dyed her hair blonde as well. Coupled with her saree this made fans rather hard to recognize her the very first time they saw her on the green carpet. As seems to have become the norm these days, Sinha was trolled on Twitter for her fashion choices. Some people have taken the words freedom of expression really literally and Sinha became the latest target of their attention.

Compliments that came her way
At the very least, people called her the worst dressed actress at IIFA 2017. Her look was also equated to that of an Australian Macaw. One gentleman compared her saree to an unfinished canvas of painting that had been made by a squirrel that had supposedly snorted coke and yet another put up a picture of Sinha and Jwala Gutta, who incidentally has almost the same hairdo in the photo as Sinha, and called them “Sisters of Ramesh and Suresh”. At any rate people did not like her look and termed it horrifying as well.

Was it part of a shooting?
Amidst all the criticism and choice words coming her way for her unique look there were at least two people who tried to retrieve the situation somewhat by stating that this was all part of a shooting being done by Sinha. Apparently her co stars in this movie are Lara Dutta and Diljit Dosanjh. Then there were also people who were awestruck by what they saw and praised her look as well. Experts however said that her new hair colour suited her really well but the same could not be said of the outfit. As flamboyant as it was it still appeared to be a bit off.     

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

“We have to look at handlooms as strength of India” - What is your opinion?

For hundreds of years, India has developed a rich cultural heritage of handloom products which has helped India to develop a unique fashion sense of its own. The cotton and silk fabrics that are regularly produced by the handloom experts of India can be finely woven into stylish clothing items that are just perfect for the tropical weather. Although today the fashion trends in India have changed a lot in the recent times and most men and women prefer to wear western outfits in their day to day lives, this is surely going to change in the future as fashion always do. When it does, India can establish itself as one of the biggest names in the global fashion scene.

Any fashion conscious man or woman would want to wear clothes that would make him or her look unique and different from the others. This would naturally mean that there is always a demand for clothes that allow a person to explore his or her unique sense of style and fashion identity. The Indian handloom clothes can do just that by allowing people with plenty of scope to explore their own sense of style. Already the fashion designers in India who work with khadi, cotton and silk clothing have proven to the world that if designed in a beautiful way, there is nothing like Indian clothing for those who want to create a strong impression with their dressing sense. These designers have taken Indian fashion to the world stage and people in other parts of the globe also nowadays take a strong interest in Indian fashion and what it can offer to them.
Save Indian Handloom
Such a growing popularity of Indian handlooms in the world stage should certainly make the people of India feel proud. In fact, the handloom industry in India contributes in the major way to the annual GDP of the country, thereby helping the economy of the country to expand further. While many other countries of the world such as those in Asia and Africa regularly compete with India to produce fabrics and handloom goods that can have a strong appeal for the global market, it is India that stands ahead of the rest due to its uniqueness in fashion apparel. While the products from these other competition countries are certainly good, they are not unique and different such as those that are produced in India. This makes India one of the leading suppliers of handloom products in the world.

The current economic pressures in India are certainly making it difficult for the handloom industry in the country to produce as many numbers of goods as they would want to. Many families who have long been associated with the handloom industry are choosing to come to urban areas to find a different type of work that would help them to meet their financial needs. This is not only causing the handloom industry more problems to sustain itself but also indirectly affecting the economical development of the country. The local and national government bodies of India should do everything that they can in order to make things easier for the people who work in the handloom industry so that they feel the urge to produce the handloom goods that they used to.

With the rising popularity of Indian handlooms in the national and global stage, we can say that the future of handlooms certainly look a lot bright. New techniques of production are also being introduced at some places that enhance the rate of production while at the same time maintain the originality and quality for which these products are so well known.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

What are the advantages that Indian textile sector got with the “Textile India Summit 2017”?

Union Ministry of Textiles recently hosted the first ever Textile India Summit at Gandhinagar, Gujarat. The event was staged at Mahatma Mandir. With this event, Gandhinagar became the centre of Indian fashion for a few days. The main aim of the event was to celebrate the fashion and handloom traditions of the country. The event lasted for three days and started with a welcome address that was given by Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, alongwith Smriti Irani (Union Textiles Minister), Richard Heald (UK India Business Council Chief Executive Officer or CEO), Gautam Hari Singhania (Raymond Group), Kumar Mangalam Birla (Aditya Birla Group), and Arvind Lalbhai (Lalbhai Group). Joining the group were dignitaries such as Ajay Tamta, Minister of State for Textiles, Vijay Bhai Rupani, the Chief Minister (CM) of Gujarat, and Chandrababu Naidu, the Chief Minister (CM) of Andhra Pradesh (AP).  

Modi’s opinions
While addressing the events Modi opined that textile is a category that acts as a bridge between the industrial sector and the agricultural sector. He dwelt on how important it has been for the millennia stating that it has been mentioned in the shastras (scriptures). The former CM of Gujarat also said that textiles made a major contribution with regards to Silk Route of the past. He also stated how different states in India got their identity from their handloom traditions.

Need for silk, scale, and speed
In his speed, Modi focused on the need for “silk, scale and speed”.  He mentioned that compared to so many other nations of the world India was already in a strong position because of the status that textiles enjoyed in the country. Smriti Irani, who graced the occasion in a Patola sari, said that the attendees of the event were being witnesses to history being made in the domain of textiles in India. She also referred to Mahatma Gandhi, saying how through his woven thread he made the charkha, a much beloved instrument, an expression of India’s desire for freedom.

Textile India Summit 2017
Symphony of Weaves
This was easily one of the highlights of the entire show. This fashion extravaganza was produced and managed by none other than the renowned IMG Reliance Industries and took place on the opening day itself. The fashion presentation event itself was a unique one considering how it illustrated the story of Indian textiles by way of advancement in design and craft that were quite unique by themselves.   

The importance of Textiles India 2017
Textiles India 2017 is being posited as the first of its kind business to business (B2B) textiles event being staged in India. It started on June 30 and ended on July 2 and was supposed to bring to reality an inspiring vision of Narendra Modi. "From Farm to Fibre, Fibre to Factory, Factory to Fashion, Fashion to Foreign Exports". One of the major aims of Textiles India is to show how strong the value chain in India is. The show came up with a rather compelling story of textiles in the country and there was special focus on innovations being made in areas such as design and craft.

The biggest of its kind

As far as curated presentations on Indian textiles are concerned this one was the biggest of its kind in India. It told the story of growth and development in the textiles sector of India. It showed how the sector had transformed to become a global power to be reckoned with. There were seven key segments of the show that may be enumerated as below:
  • cottons
  • silks
  • wools
  • embroidery
  • hand-dyed and hand printed
  • modern/industrial textiles
  • futuristic sustainable textiles     

It basically showcased the entire spectrum as it is. 

Monday, July 3, 2017

How to make Papier Mache Crafts for your Home Decoration?

One of the greatest ways in which you can decorate your home is by making some items from papier mache. At the same time it also helps that these are very economical. Papier mache is also known as paper mache. Papier mache is basically a French word. Papier mache work is normally created from newspaper strips after soaking them in adhesives. You can make this adhesive from raw materials such as flour and water. You can also add glues such as Elmer’s Glue to the mix. Crafters often use balloons in order to make these pieces. They normally plaster the balloon with newspaper strips in order to create the shape that they desire.

The most popular options

No matter what you wish to do there are certain types that are always more popular than others. They may be enumerated as below:
  •        Papier mache planter
  •        Papier mache party lights
  •        Papier mache bowls
  •        Papier mache boxes
  •        Papier mache vases
  •        Papier mache teacups
  •        Papier mache letters

You could always be sure that they would add a lot to your home décor in general and at the same time it would be great fun to make them as well.

Papier Mache Crafts for your Home Decoration
Papier mache planter

You can be sure that the planter would not cost you a dime and at the same time you would be able to fill your home with so many flowers or even create your own garden of herbs if you want to. This planter would come in handy in case you have already invested in some seeds. Now all you need in order to make this planter is a yogurt container that is empty, newspapers, some water, and flour. The water and flour will help you make the paste to be used for creating the papier mache craft. With it you would be able to show that you care for the environment without spending much money and you can be sure that your kids will like it as well.

Papier mache party lights

Papier mache party lights can be cute additions to your home décor on occasions such as a party with your friends in your backyard. Once again, this would not cost you much. You can make them blowing up water balloons and then coating them with papier mache strips. Once it becomes dry you can just pop it and leave the shell as it is. This would create the party lights that you have been looking for. After this you can hang up a series of Christmas lights and then fasten the papier mache bulbs to the wires. When the lights twinkle inside you would have the lights that you wanted!

Papier mache bowls

A papier mache bowl can be the centerpiece to die for in your dining room or even serve as a place where you keep your keys. In order to create the bowl you can use a plastic bowl as the mould. It does not really matter what size it is. Then you can dip the papier mache in the paste and coat the bowl with the strips. Once that is done you can easily remove the plastic bowl and you would get the papier mache bowl to decorate your home. You can easily use pages from old books. They would look really good and give your bowl an awesome look as well.

Mention also needs to be made in this case of papier mache boxes. These are great option as far as storing stray belongings in your home is concerned. This could include anything from photos to CDs. You can easily make these at your home.